Nigeria: The sister disowns the suspect, and the Lagos bizman’s family condemns his nude posts

Nigeria: The sister disowns the suspect, and the Lagos bizman’s family condemns his nude posts

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Amarah Kennedy, a businessman from Lagos, whose brother Ebere is a sibling, is accused of spreading naked photos of two single mothers he dated.

The woman, who lives in another country, said that Kennedy had disgraced their family and urged state authorities to locate and arrest him.

 She stated that she publicly disowned him due to his alleged criminal actions, despite the fact that she denied having any involvement in the victims’ suffering.

 Our correspondent had been keeping an eye on Kennedy’s activities, a businessman who had worked in a bank before becoming a businessman. Kennedy was accused of spreading nude photos of at least two single mothers he had dated.

 The women, who will be referred to as Kester and Temi, met him on different social media platforms and fell in love with him after he promised to marry them and presented their children with gifts.

 In any case, after conflicts, he shared their naked photographs with them and requested cash with dangers to make the pictures become famous online.

 He posted the images on Facebook and WhatsApp despite receiving N15,000 from Temi and N140,000 from Kester, a widow.

 After this journalist distributed an exceptional report regarding this situation on Sunday, the 44-year-old became outraged and committed to harm the ladies’ standing further.

 Kester’s naked photos were then made public on the WhatsApp group platform and office social media pages of her church.

 He likewise shared the photographs with her late spouse’s relatives.

 PUNCH Metro heard from the two women that Kennedy had always been proud of Amarah, and whenever they had problems with him, they asked her for help.

 Temi, in particular, stated that she was shocked when Kennedy sent her a picture of her conversation with Ebere and began posting pictures of herself naked as a retaliation for reporting him to a member of his family.

On Thursday, our journalist connected with Ebere to respond to the claim of complicity regarding this situation.

 She stated, “The first thing I told her was to take it to the police the first time one of them told me about it via Facebook.” I said report him.

 “The discussion I had with him (hence) was that I had given the woman the approval to capture you since you need to be a creature. That was everything I said to him. I let him know he would get captured in light of the fact that he continued to do the gibberish.

“I am my own woman; I would also be traumatized if someone did that to me because my children would see it. Sending him the screenshot was my way of telling him I wanted him arrested because he wanted to be stupid and act like a non-human. I let the woman know that assuming she really wanted cash, I would send it to her to get him captured.”

Ebere said that Kennedy didn’t have a reason for what he did and that his justification for keeping money with the women was “a lie.”

According to the suspect’s sister, she stopped communicating with him a long time ago and removed him from all social media accounts “because he keeps bringing a bad image to the family; I would rather not be related with him.”

Ebere also confirmed that she received reports of alleged blackmail from two women via Facebook.

She expressed soon after she drew in one of the ladies in the Facebook visit, she opened up to the world to abandon Kennedy.

“I posted it on Facebook and I even labeled him that no one ought to connect me with this creature. I said that. I believe individuals should realize that I have no business with him once more.

“I revealed him to everyone in the family and they conversed with him. Be that as it may, he continued to deny it. However, I am glad it is now available. He ought to be apprehended and dealt with, despite the harm it causes to my family.

It’s unfortunate that we are related. The family has done everything they can for him. She continued, “See, I am telling you 100% that he should be dealt with so that he does not have to try this nonsense again.”

Ebere, while separating the family from Kennedy’s activity, said their mum was older and the matter was negatively affecting her.

Review that the police in Lagos had requested Kennedy to visit the order central command to clean himself off of the charges against him.

Kennedy informed PUNCH Metro on Wednesday that he would be at the police station on Friday (today).

His auntie, Satisfaction Lomu, said she accepted Kennedy was captivated, adding that he had been jobless for some time.

It was accumulated that he concentrated on bookkeeping and moved on from the College of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Lomu stated, “I was ashamed of myself when I saw the news in the papers.” Not in any event, for him. I felt shame. He has done something bad. Because I wouldn’t be happy if I were the one, I have to tell the truth.

She responded that she was surprised by the allegations when asked what she did when the victims called her before he started posting nude pictures.

“The Kennedy I know isn’t in any event, working. We send him cash now and again. He used to work with a bank. Juju is the issue with him, she continued.

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