Nigeria: Students captured for killing Abuja driver on suspension – Varsity

Nigeria: Students captured for killing Abuja driver on suspension – Varsity

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The administration of Bingham College in the Karu Nearby Government Area of Nasarawa State on Tuesday said three students of the institution captured as of late regarding a homicide case had before been suspended from the school.

In a proclamation made accessible to writers on Tuesday,  the University’s Director of Public Affairs, Daburi Misal, made sense of that the supposed killing happened after the suspects had been suspended for chronic drug use by the organization.

As per Misal, the assertion was in response to viral virtual entertainment gives an account of the capture of the suspects for the supposed wrongdoing, by specialists of the Government Capital Region Police Order.

He said, “The administration of Bingham College thus communicates its significant trouble over the turn of events and states that the impacted understudies were in Walk 2023 distinguished through the college’s zero-resistance strategy on drugs and suspended from the college for being in control of cannabis and other illegal substances.

“As expected by our guidelines, the understudies ought to have been taken to a recovery place by their gatekeepers and returned to the college solely after their certificate by the college’s specialist.

“It was hence surprising to see that the understudies who should be in recovery were being marched by the police in Abuja.

“The college anyway vows its full participation with the police in their examination concerning the matter while communicating its most profound compassion to the group of the departed.”

The FCT Magistrate of Police, Haruna Garba, had last Thursday strutted the suspects, Obasieyene Inem, Aaron Anthony and Alasan Olusegun, before writers in Abuja and blamed them for killing a Bolt driver.

Garba expressed one of the suspects requested a ride on the Bolt Application to take them to and from where they bought Indian hemp.

He said on returning them to where they booked the ride, the suspects found they had no cash on them, adding that they chose to deceive the driver by showing him a phony charge alert on their telephone.

He said, “On June 5, 2023, around 8.30 pm, one Obasi Okeke was found lying in his pool of blood with a cut throat at Ngugu Close Region 11 Garki, Abuja.

“The meticulous examination to determine those behind this obnoxious demonstration prompted the capture of the three suspects in particular Obasieyene Inem, Aaron Anthony and Alasan Olusegun.

“Over the examination, it was found that the departed was a Bolt driver who was called by one of the suspects to pass them on to the Guzape Area of Abuja where they had visited to purchase Indian hemp. Back from Guzape to their take-off point, they found they had no cash to pay for their outing, so they chose to play a quick one by showing the departed a phony charge alert on their telephone.”

He added that the Bolt driver’s demand that he had not seen the alarm brought about a contention.

Garba expressed one of the suspects cut the Bolt driver’s throat.

“The departed demanded he had not gotten any ready. In the resulting contention, one of the suspects cut the departed’s throat and run away from the area. The three suspects have since admitted to the wrongdoing and will be charged soon,” he added.

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