Nigeria: Rivers chiefs on the run as cultists show them for killing

Nigeria: Rivers chiefs on the run as cultists show them for killing

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

PORT HARCOURT — Tradition rulers in Bodo city, Gokana Nearby Government Area of Waterways State, have hastened for security, following the reports that their names were in a needed rundown ordered by cultists threatening the region.

Bodo City has been helpless before cultists for north of two months as devil minded of executioners have kept on working freely.

The robbers are alleged to have destroyed numerous homes and killed three people in the week ending Monday.

State Magistrate of Police, Mr. Nwonyi Emeka, had, end of the week, visited Bodo over the turn of events and called for quiet, however after three days, the cultists struck once more, killing one.

Justice Koozor, a community youth leader, said that the cultists invaded the community yesterday morning and shot and killed a young person. He also said that the cultists have taken over the community’s farmland and that people can’t get to their farms anymore.

He stated, ” We were informed yesterday morning that a cult group led by Donkey and Sticky-John was arriving. They came in toward the beginning of today with their firearms, strutting around and firing.

“They killed someone and no one had the option to go to cultivate today. Many individuals are wanting to pack out of the local area in light of weakness.

“The young men came and killed individuals and ran into the hedge. In the bush, they are found everywhere. Bodo fails to find a sense of contentment.”

However, Mene Joseph Poiba, Head of the Bangha Dynasty in Bodo and Vice-Chairman of the Bodo Council of Traditional Rulers, expressed concern that the cultists were being sponsored to destroy the community.

Poiba said the cultists have a rundown of bosses they need to kill, including himself, expressing that the bosses were secluded from everything right now.

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