Nigeria: “Residents Rally in Suleja: Rising Costs Prompt Protest in Niger State”

Nigeria: “Residents Rally in Suleja: Rising Costs Prompt Protest in Niger State”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Residents of Suleja, Niger State, took to the streets once again to voice their frustration over the increasing cost of living, marking another wave of protest in the region. This demonstration follows closely on the heels of a similar protest just two days prior in Minna, the capital city of Niger State.

Suleja, located in close proximity to the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) of Abuja, became the latest epicenter of public outcry against rising expenses. Protesters directed their grievances towards President Bola Tinubu, urging swift action to alleviate the hardships they endure.

The demonstrators wielded placards bearing messages such as “Tinubu, Do Something Now!” and “Leadership Is All About Improving Lives,” underscoring the urgent need for relief from the economic strain. With slogans like “Nigerians Are Suffering” and “Stop The Hardship Now,” they aimed to draw attention to the profound impact of escalating costs on their daily lives.

In a particularly notable display of discontent, a group of women staged a blockade on the Minna-Bida Road at the prominent Kpakungu roundabout, highlighting their frustration with the soaring prices of essential food items. The disruption caused significant delays for travelers heading to major cities in the South, including Lagos and Ibadan, as the protest unfolded from the early hours of the morning.

As the day progressed, the gathering swelled in numbers as men and youths joined the chorus of demands for government intervention. Despite efforts by law enforcement to disperse the crowd using teargas and gunfire, and the appeals made by the deputy governor of the state, Yakubu Garba, who personally intervened at the scene, the protesters remained resolute in their call for action.

This latest protest serves as a stark reminder of the growing discontent among Nigerians grappling with the harsh economic realities plaguing their daily lives. As citizens continue to voice their frustrations on the streets, it underscores the pressing need for meaningful interventions to address the root causes of rising costs and alleviate the burdens faced by ordinary Nigerians.

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