Nigeria: Requesting DNA TEST ON MOHBAD’S Child IS Uncaring – BESTMAN THOMPSON, Actor

Nigeria: Requesting DNA TEST ON MOHBAD’S Child IS Uncaring – BESTMAN THOMPSON, Actor

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Well-known Nollywood producer, actor, maker and philanthropist, Ubong Nse Thompson otherwise called Bestman Thompson has castigated online activists from use the passing of shocking artiste, Ilerioluwa Oladimeji Aloba prominently known as Mohbad to pursue clout.

As per him, these folks fabricating superfluous proclamations and occasions to confound Nigerians are the ones causing befuddling in the country.

“I have heard different versions of what could have really happened to Mohbad, too many videos online on the subject matter. My take is Nigeria online activist/ influencers should stop using the demise of the young man (Mohbad) to chase clout.

“Some section of people that are asking for a DNA test to be carried out on the child at this point are very insensitive as emotions are high at the moment. Let’s focus on getting justice for Mohbad first then we can talk about that part.  

“When the young man was alive he loved that child. The general public should allow the police do their jobs by concluding the investigations at hand. 

“As for those that left the Candle Night Venue in Lagos to converge at the Lekki Toll Gate they got what they wanted by trying to sabotage the aim of the precession to defeat it purpose. It’s good for them, they got what they wanted, the police should have arrested all of them to teach them a lesson,” he stated.

It could be recalled that Bestman Thompson had produced an acted in trending movies like “Least Expected”, “Maimuna”, “Muqabala”, “Glimps”, “Good Citizen”, “Mustapha”, “If I’m President”, “Silent Sound”, “Ifeoma”, “Somara” and many more.

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