Nigeria: Protest Erupts in Delta State as Task Force Allegedly Kills Two Motorcyclists

Nigeria: Protest Erupts in Delta State as Task Force Allegedly Kills Two Motorcyclists

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria
The Delta State Government task force has come under scrutiny after two motorcyclists, commonly known as Okada riders, were allegedly killed in an encounter at the Koka junction area on Ibusa road in Asaba, the capital of Delta State.

Following the incident, Okada riders took to the streets on Monday to protest the killing of their colleagues. Their demonstration resulted in the blockage of major roads in the Oshimili South and Oshimili North Local Government Areas of the state.

An anonymous eyewitness revealed that the motorcyclists were killed during a clash between the Okada riders and task force officers. The clash occurred during a raid on a makeshift bar where the motorcyclists often gathered. The task force officers targeted the location due to the ban on motorcycles in the area.

“I was informed that two people were killed by the police last night at a makeshift bar where Aboki people always come to hang out every weekend. I heard the gunshot last night, so, they came protesting this morning. I suspect that they tried to fight the officers who went to bust the place because bikes are not allowed in that area,” the eyewitness stated.

Another witness recounted that the task force had relocated the motorcyclists from the area, but they resisted the relocation, leading to the fatal incident.

“The government task force relocated the Okada riders, so, as a result of that, they were resisting that they could not get passengers where they moved them to. In the process, one Okada man was killed. Unfortunately, it was a Hausa Okada man who died. And his people gathered and started destroying things. The killing happened at the Koka junction, but they moved to the post-primary board and midwifery to start destroying things,” the witness explained.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, DSP Bright Edafe, confirmed the incident and the subsequent protest. He assured that the police were investigating the killings and working to maintain peace and order.

It is crucial to address such incidents where the use of force by law enforcement leads to the loss of lives. The Delta State Government should thoroughly investigate the matter and ensure that justice is served. The rights of citizens, including motorcyclists, should be respected, and law enforcement officers should be held accountable for any abuses of power.

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