Nigeria: Pregnant lover: My husband vowed to kill me and flee – abused Ekiti lecturer

Nigeria: Pregnant lover: My husband vowed to kill me and flee – abused Ekiti lecturer

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In this interview, Ado Ekiti, a 44-year-old lecturer at Ekiti State University, talks about her marital problems and how her husband’s alleged constant assaults have affected her, her children, and others. Explain what you are giving. It has had an impact. Excerpt:

There was a problem with her husband and his

employee from before that day. He was an employee of his private practice, and I was able to hire him when the practice needed someone. Like other staff members, she lived on the hospital grounds. When I found out about their situation, I brought it to his attention, but he said no.

He said whatever relationship existed between them was based on work. He also said the lady had someone with whom she was in a relationship, but the person was based abroad. When I also got to know that the lady was pregnant, I called him and asked, but he wasn`t straightforward with his answers.

Nevertheless, I tried to manage the situation until I was being threatened and told to do certain things for the lady, which got me depressed.

In January this year, I informed the International Federation of Women Lawyers, FIDA, because there was domestic violence against me. However, I later dropped the case because I wanted to see if the situation affected him and his career.

Things got out of hand later this year, especially when he told me to play with that woman and for me to do things for her. This situation affected me and my children (3 boys aged 14 and 12, and the youngest 8 years old). They all became mentally unstable. The violence inflicted on me had a deep impact on my children. At this point I realized that my life was in danger and decided to take my children and leave the house. After that, I filed a notification of separation. I thought things would get better after that, so I agreed to a settlement.

Opposition from family and children

Neither my siblings nor my parents helped make it happen (agreement), but I didn’t want to be stigmatized and I thought I could get along with him. So I came back. Last October, against all expectations, I returned. The children were not happy about this and did not support my return.

But as children they had no choice. We continued like this and took control of the situation. Lately there have been some violent themes, especially his threats to kill me. Actually, for the first time, an incident occurred where the person who saved me was a child. After this incident, I said that given the development of the situation, it would be better for me to find a way out myself to avoid death.

On if things are exaggerated.

No one does anything out of proportion. On the day the last incident occurred, I narrowly escaped death. It was a stranger on the property who called the police, who came to my rescue and arrested me.

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