Nigeria: police warns against emergency number

Nigeria: police warns against emergency number

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Force Public Relations Officer, Olumuyiwa Adejobi, has issued a warning against the abuse of emergency numbers provided by the Nigeria Police Force. In an interview on Miliki 101.3 radio station in Lagos, Adejobi stated that while the emergency numbers are still active and functioning, many citizens misuse them for purposes other than emergencies. 

He emphasized that the numbers should only be used to report genuine emergencies and not for personal inquiries or unrelated matters. Adejobi also clarified that the police control room officers are not customer care attendants and have the authority to disconnect calls that are irrelevant or off-topic. He warned against asking for personal details or engaging in unnecessary conversations during emergency calls. 

This warning comes as the police continue their efforts to improve emergency response services and address the misuse of the emergency numbers.

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