Nigeria: Police Probe Killing of Plateau Transport Company Manager in Bayelsa

Nigeria: Police Probe Killing of Plateau Transport Company Manager in Bayelsa

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Bayelsa State Police Command is investigating the circumstances surrounding the killing of Auwalu Aliyu, the manager of Plateau Rider, a Jos-based road transport company. Aliyu was shot and killed around 8:00 PM on Tuesday near the House of Assembly Complex in Amarata, Yenagoa, by suspected assassins.

Commissioner of Police Alonyenu Francis Idu addressed journalists in Yenagoa on Thursday, stating that the investigation aims to uncover the motives and perpetrators behind the tragic event. The assailants reportedly stole the day’s earnings from Aliyu, further adding to the gravity of the crime.

The incident has heightened fears among Yenagoa residents, who are increasingly concerned about the state’s deteriorating security situation. The police, however, are determined to bring the culprits to justice. Idu assured the public that efforts are underway in both Bayelsa and Plateau states to track down those responsible. Initial indications suggest that the perpetrators might have come from outside Bayelsa.

“The manner in which the manager was killed is unusual for Bayelsa State. We suspect that he was either followed from Plateau to Bayelsa or his death is linked to a group of criminals currently in Ogbia Local Government Area,” Idu explained. “Our drone technology captured the vehicle used in the crime, and although its current location is unknown, we are confident we will locate it soon.”

The police are now employing drone technology to enhance their efforts in combating criminal activities across the state. This technological advancement is expected to significantly aid in tracking and apprehending suspects involved in such heinous crimes.

The police commissioner expressed his condolences to Aliyu’s family, reiterating the commitment of the Bayelsa State Police Command to ensure that justice is served swiftly and effectively.

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