Nigeria: Police deflect crisis regarding dog meat delicacies in Kaduna

Nigeria: Police deflect crisis regarding dog meat delicacies in Kaduna

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Security personnel have been sent to the Nasarawa community on the edges of Kaduna city, following attemps by youth groups to burn the home of a Muslim man blamed for sharing canine meat delights to visitors during his child’s naming ceremony.

Nonetheless, the security faculty were fast in scattering the distressed young people before they caused something inappropriate to the man’s home and Islamic school.

The Councilor of Nasarawa, Adam Muhammad said the local area was quiet as security work force were sent to keep up with the rule of law.

Representative of the state Police Command,ASP Mansir Hassan said they were examining the episode, despite the fact that the denounced individual had denied butchering any canine for a naming service.

He said the order was doing an individual verification with regards to this issue and cautioned individuals from the local area against bringing regulation into their hands.

A few individuals from Nasarawa people group expressed out loud whatever the man did was against Islam.

Yet, close partners of the man said their strict group didn’t have anything against eating canine meat.

Representing the organization individuals, Ismail Abubakar Rijana said the Qur’an doesn’t preclude eating canines, adding that “we are Muslims and devotees of the Quran as it were. We have faith in the Quran as a strict book. Yet, the manner in which we practice Islamic religion is not the same as how others practice it.”

He asserts, “The Nigerian constitution gives us the right to practice our belief.” According to our knowledge of the Quran, no verse forbids dog consumption. Notwithstanding, we are prepared to change and inquire as to whether we are persuaded with sections in the Quran that what we did is off-base.”

Responding to the turn of events, Sheik Ahmad Gumi denounced eating canine meat, saying “there are two decisions on the issue of eating canine meat in light of the fact that the Prophet(SAW) disallowed the eating of all creatures that chase or have canine teeth, which canines have.

“So it is disallowed, however in one more way of thinking as rehearsed around the Iraq locale, it is disdained. Yet, the ones we follow, the Prophet(SAW) restricted eating canines, so in a real sense, individuals don’t eat canines here. So when you come and present such an alternate practice, it will make responses, particularly when related with Islamic rituals like naming services.

This is due to the fact that Islam only allows four animals for religious ceremonies: camel, cows, sheep or goat. Some other creature, regardless of whether it’s halal like a hen or ostrich, isn’t permitted to be utilized for strict penance.

“So their activities are un-Islamic and provocative. They incite the overall Ummah of Malik Way of thinking which says eating canine meat is taboo.

The state part of the Incomparable Board for Shariah likewise denounced eating canine meat. Secretary of the gathering in Kaduna, Abdulrahaman Hassan said all Muslims should have faith in and comply with the essential Islamic standards of law.

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