Nigeria: Police Arrest Witch Doctor and 25 Suspects in Connection with Car Theft Ring in Rivers State

Nigeria: Police Arrest Witch Doctor and 25 Suspects in Connection with Car Theft Ring in Rivers State

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a significant crackdown on criminal activity, the Rivers State Police have apprehended a witch doctor and 25 other individuals believed to be involved in the theft of 79 cars across the state. The arrests come as a result of intensive investigations aimed at curbing the escalating incidents of car snatching in the region.

During the operation, law enforcement officers also seized a shrine suspected to be used by the witch doctor to fortify the criminals for their illicit activities. The Commissioner of Police for Rivers State, Olatunji Disu, disclosed this development during a press briefing held at the Police Headquarters on Moscow Road.

According to Disu, the apprehended suspects include individuals identified as Chidube, Anthony, and Kelechi, with Chidube allegedly serving as a key figure in orchestrating car theft operations. It was revealed that Chidube not only trains his associates in the art of car snatching but also maintains links with all suspects arrested thus far. Kelechi, on the other hand, is described as an expert in removing vehicle trackers, facilitating the syndicate’s ability to evade detection.

The Commissioner highlighted that a significant number of the stolen vehicles were transported to Kano and Anambra states, where they were either sold off or disassembled for spare parts. He further noted that 79 cars have been traced back to the suspects, with six of them having prior convictions for similar offenses.

Detailing the modus operandi of the syndicate, Disu explained that the perpetrators utilized spare and master keys to gain unauthorized access to vehicles, subsequently converting them into commercial vehicles to bypass security checks. Additionally, he revealed the arrest of accomplices who acted as receivers of the stolen cars, providing crucial information to the robbers regarding the targeted vehicles.

“Their witch doctor has been apprehended,” stated Disu, underscoring the role played by spiritual guidance in orchestrating the timing of criminal operations. Firearms belonging to the syndicate were also recovered during the arrests, further dismantling their criminal network.

The Commissioner emphasized that the syndicate commenced its operations in January 2023 and has since been responsible for the theft of over 40 cars. He noted that the suspects had converged on Port Harcourt from various states, underscoring the organized nature of their criminal enterprise.

In conclusion, Disu reiterated the commitment of the Rivers State Police Command to safeguarding the lives and properties of residents, urging members of the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to law enforcement authorities.

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