Nigeria: Police Apprehend Suspected Car Theft Syndicate, Including Witch Doctor, in Rivers State

Nigeria: Police Apprehend Suspected Car Theft Syndicate, Including Witch Doctor, in Rivers State

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a significant breakthrough, the police in Rivers State have apprehended a total of 26 individuals, including a witch doctor, believed to be connected to the organized theft of 79 vehicles within the state. The arrests were made following intensive investigations into a series of car theft incidents plaguing the region.

The Commissioner of Police in Rivers State, Olatunji Disu, revealed during a press briefing held at the Police Headquarters on Moscow Road, that the suspects were allegedly involved in a sophisticated car-snatching operation, with certain individuals specializing in key roles within the syndicate.

Among the key figures implicated in the criminal network were individuals identified as Chidube, Anthony, and Kelechi, the latter being a skilled car mechanic. Chidube reportedly played a central role in training others in the art of car snatching, while Kelechi’s expertise lay in the removal of vehicle trackers, facilitating the syndicate’s ability to evade detection.

According to Commissioner Disu, the stolen vehicles were often transported to distant locations such as Kano and Anambra states, where they were either sold or dismantled for spare parts. The modus operandi involved the use of spare and master keys to gain access to the vehicles, which were then repurposed as commercial vehicles to avoid suspicion during transit.

The police commissioner further disclosed that the syndicate had been operating since January 2023, with a documented history of stealing over 40 cars. He emphasized that the suspects hailed from various states across the country and had converged in Port Harcourt to carry out their illicit activities.

In addition to the arrests of those directly involved in the thefts, Commissioner Disu highlighted the apprehension of individuals suspected of acting as receivers for the stolen vehicles. These accomplices reportedly provided guidance to the perpetrators, specifying the types of vehicles to target for theft.

Of particular note was the arrest of the witch doctor believed to have provided spiritual guidance to the syndicate, advising them on auspicious times to execute their operations. This arrest underscores the extent to which the criminal enterprise had gone to ensure its success, resorting to supernatural assistance to evade law enforcement efforts.

The successful operation conducted by the Rivers State Police represents a significant blow to organized crime in the region, sending a clear message that criminal activities, no matter how sophisticated, will not go unpunished. With the recovery of stolen vehicles and the dismantling of the syndicate, authorities are poised to restore security and peace of mind to residents affected by the wave of car thefts.

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