Nigeria: One killed as team, transporters conflict in Mile 2

Nigeria: One killed as team, transporters conflict in Mile 2

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Report had it that the task force showed up at Mile Two finish of the turnpike in the early long periods of yesterday to appropriate trucks that normally block the hub, denying different drivers access.

It was reported that the team saw a truck parked in the middle of the road. Endeavors by the police officers to tow the truck were supposedly opposed by the driver recognized as Toheeb Girisi, as he was said to have demanded that he was emptying water into the radiator of the truck.

Onlookers said while he was battling with one of the police officers, one more supposedly shot him from behind.

Protest erupted when protesting truck drivers set fire to worn-out tires on both sides of the road, preventing motorists from entering and exiting the expressway.

Drivers and workers needed to trust that the strain will soak prior to proceeding with their excursion

One of the departed’s partners, who essentially gave his name as Ayuba, said: ” Toyeeb was 25 years of age. He just stacked from Metal Can and was en route to convey the item.

He lived in an apartment and transported some of the property he had purchased in the truck. His mother recently left this location. He was single and did not have a child to pass on his legacy.

Another witness, who went by the name Austine, stated: We were all trusting that our turn will move and load our trucks when we heard the shot. It was terminated precisely at 2.45 am of Tuesday, September 5,2023.”

However, to calm the situation, additional police officers from various divisions and military personnel were required.

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