Nigeria: Ondo State Amotekun Apprehends Suspected Kidnappers and Other Criminals

Nigeria: Ondo State Amotekun Apprehends Suspected Kidnappers and Other Criminals

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a significant crackdown on criminal activities plaguing Ondo State, the state’s security outfit, known as Amotekun, has made notable strides by apprehending a total of 67 suspects, including 23 suspected kidnappers and 44 other individuals linked to various criminal activities. Among those arrested were three individuals identified as jailbirds, namely Taiwo Adeola, Juwon Olanrewaju, and Olajide Olayemi, all suspected kidnappers who had previously been incarcerated.

The state commander of Amotekun, Chief Adetunji Adeleye, disclosed these developments while parading the suspects in Akure. Adeleye emphasized the success of the operations conducted by Amotekun over the past two weeks, which resulted in the apprehension of these individuals responsible for instilling fear and insecurity within the state.

Detailing the circumstances surrounding the arrests, Adeleye highlighted the diverse criminal activities perpetrated by the suspects, ranging from kidnapping to armed robbery and murder. He noted that the suspects were apprehended with various weapons and tools indicative of their nefarious intentions, underscoring the grave threat they posed to the safety and stability of the state.

Of particular concern were the revelations made by some of the apprehended individuals, including one who confessed to escaping from custody in Benin while facing charges related to kidnapping and robbery. Another suspect admitted to being a member of a notorious kidnapping syndicate operating in the Uso/Emure/Owo axis of the state, shedding light on the organized nature of criminal operations in the region.

The parade of suspects serves as a stern warning to would-be criminals that Ondo State remains committed to upholding law and order, with zero tolerance for criminal activities. Adeleye reiterated the government’s unwavering resolve to maintain peace and security within the state, ensuring that the safety and well-being of its residents are safeguarded against any threats posed by criminal elements.

As the investigations into these cases continue, the apprehension of these suspects represents a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to combat crime and restore peace to communities across Ondo State. The decisive action taken by Amotekun underscores the importance of proactive measures in tackling criminality and fostering a safe and secure environment for all residents.

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