Nigeria: Ondo Court Pronounces 2-Year Prison Terms for Prophet and Five Co-Defendants in Violent Case

Nigeria: Ondo Court Pronounces 2-Year Prison Terms for Prophet and Five Co-Defendants in Violent Case

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a recent legal development, an Akure High Court has passed judgment on a self-proclaimed prophet, Oluwambe Ojagbohumi, and five others, residing in Aiyetoro, Ilaje council area of Ondo State. The presiding Judge, Justice David Kolawole, pronounced a two-year prison sentence on Ojagbohunmi and his associates for their involvement in acts of violence and disturbance of peace.

The charges, presented by the state’s Attorney-General and Commissioner for Justice, accused Ojagbohumi, Victor Akinluwa, Isaac Ikuyelorimi, Lawrence Lemamu, George Eyekole, and Segun Okenla of various offenses related to a violent incident that occurred in Aiyetoro community on January 11, 2018. The allegations included robbery, where the convicts were accused of forcibly taking N270,000 from Temitope Olowodasa, armed with weapons such as guns and cutlasses, contravening the Robbery and Firearms (Special Provisions) Act.

Furthermore, the accused were charged with another robbery involving Igoli Akinlana, during which they reportedly stole four Industrial Sewing Machines valued at N800,000.00, four Plasma TVs worth N448,000.00, and a cash sum of N635,000.00. The robbery was accompanied by the use of firearms and offensive weapons like guns, cutlasses, axes, and others.

Additionally, George Eyekole faced a separate charge of attempting to murder Olu Obolo by shooting him with a gun, a violation of Section 320 of the Criminal Code of Ondo State.

Despite pleading not guilty to the charges, the court found the defendants guilty of malicious damage to property, as per Section 37 of the criminal code of the state.

This legal outcome serves as a notable incident in the ongoing efforts to address and prosecute acts of violence within communities. The convictions highlight the severity of the charges brought against the individuals and underscore the importance of upholding the rule of law in maintaining societal order.

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