Nigeria: Nine departure demise in Abeokuta-Sagamu street crash

Nigeria: Nine departure demise in Abeokuta-Sagamu street crash

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Something like nine people including three females and six guys, barely got away from death when their vehicles crashed along the Orile-Imo part of the Abeokuta-Sagamu Interstate on Monday.

 The vehicles including a Toyota vehicle and a Mitsubishi transport, were on a fast when they impacted which prompted the Mitsubishi transport tumbling and the Toyota vehicle sliding off the interstate.

An observer who talked with our reporter on the state of namelessness noticed that the unreasonable speed of the drivers prompted the crash.

The source said, “What I saw was that the vehicles were on a fast when one let completely go and crashed into the other. I arrived a couple of moments after it worked out.”

Florence Okpe, the spokesperson for the Ogun State Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps, confirmed the incident during a telephone conversation with our correspondent.

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She pinned unnecessary speeding with respect to the drivers as the reason for the mishap.

I can confirm that the accident occurred on the Abeokuta-Sagamu Expressway between Orile and Imo. There was no death toll, albeit nine individuals were involved, six guys and three females, however the three females got harmed and they have been taken to the Idera Clinic in Sagamu.

A Toyota car and a Mitsubishi bus were involved in the collision. The reason for the mishap is risky driving and speeding.

“We have maintained our emphasis on the need for drivers to drive with common sense. There is high vehicular development this Yuletide season and there will be a ton of vehicles out and about. Drivers ought to guarantee to drive inside controlled speed limit,” Okpe said.

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