Nigeria: NDLEA seizes female criminals’ medication provider, captures colos transfer

Nigeria: NDLEA seizes female criminals’ medication provider, captures colos transfer

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Agents of the Public Medication Policing at the Murtala Muhammed Worldwide Air terminal, Ikeja Lagos, on New Year’s Day, caught a transfer of colorado, an extremely impressive type of weed, disguised in boxing packs imported from the US of America.

Femi Babafemi, the spokesperson for the anti-narcotics agency, revealed that the successful tracking and arrest of 38-year-old Olorunfunmi Olakunle, who distributed the dangerous psychoactive substance to dealers across Lagos State, resulted in the conclusion of a week-long intelligence-led operation to get the receiver arrested on Saturday, January 6.

“The shipment had arrived in the country on Monday, January 1 via Cairo on an Egypt Airlines flight marked as boxing kits,” Babafemi continued. As per Olakunle, he conveys such transfers to various beneficiaries at whatever point his cherished, lifelong companion, US-based Sagir Salami, sends them. The most recent shipment weighs 1.80 kilograms in total.

“In the mean time, a 28-year-old female provider of ammo to scoundrels, Bilkisu Suleman, came top on the rundown of 12 different suspects captured by the NDLEA agents in the New Year prohibition tasks in Kaduna, Lagos, Niger, Kogi, Kano, Borno, and Osun states. On January 3, Bilkisu was taken into custody by NDLEA officers who were patrolling the Zaria–Kano Expressway. They found her with 249 rounds of live 7.62 mm ammunition concealed in a black nylon bag that was her lady’s handbag.

“She was en route to convey the ammo to a distinguished outlaw in Kakumi town, Katsina State when she was caught after which she was moved to the Kaduna State Order of the Nigeria Police Power for additional examination.”

He further uncovered that the tactical specialists at the Bonny Camp Cantonment in Lagos on Tuesday, January 2, moved a suspect, Francis Suru, 37, and 63 large sacks of Ghanaian Noisy, a type of marijuana, weighing 2,104.2 kilograms and a truck to the Lagos State Order of the NDLEA.

“The suspect and the medication shows were before captured by the NDLEA officials on December 12, 2023, near the entryway of the tactical cantonment in Bonny Camp, Victoria Island. A few equipped escorts anyway depended on inconsistent shooting to deter the activity, an improvement which pulled in fighters from the cantonment, who in the long run mediated and took care of the transfer and suspect prior to moving them to the organization,” Babafemi noted.

On May 8, NDLEA agents in Niger State intercepted a J5 bus carrying 23 bags of 219.5 kilograms of cannabis sativa from Ondo State to Zaria, Kaduna State, during a stop-and-frisk operation along the Suleja-Kaduna Road. Two suspects: Umar Musa, 26 and Isachiru Abubakar, were captured regarding the seizure.

While a female medication dealer, Sovereign Onyema, 27, was captured on Saturday, January 8 in a business transport in transit to Abuja along the Okene-Lokoja Freeway with 12 packed blocks of pot weighing 4.6kg and 0.046kg creator drugs disguised in an Indomie container, one more suspect Mubarak Sani, 20, was seized at the Gadar Tamburawa area of Kano on Monday, January 1 with 445.9k kilograms of a similar psychoactive substance.

In Borno State, four suspects: Zanna Alhaji Dala, 32; Musa Umar, 21; Mushe Ibrahim, 23, and Shehu Idris, 19 were captured at the Pomfomari Bye-pass region of the state with 60kg of marijuana.

Likewise, in Osun Express, the NDLEA agents on the lookout along the Osogbo-Tribute Omu Street on January 1 caught a transfer of unlawful medications sent through waybill from Lagos to Osogbo. Babafemu said that a follow-up operation got Ibrahim Olawale, 43, arrested. The medications recuperated incorporate weed sativa 10.8kg; Noisy 150 grams; Colorado 19 grams; Molly 5 grams totalling 10.974kg, a computerized scale, N18,000 financial show and redid wrapping papers for Colorado were likewise seized.

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