Nigeria: My husband was killed by the police for refusing special duty–Wife of Kwara inspector

Nigeria: My husband was killed by the police for refusing special duty–Wife of Kwara inspector

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, MAMOS Nigeria

As Inspector Taiye Atobiloye’s seated family and friends quietly sobbed, the atmosphere was reflective.

The grave air was penetrated whenever another guest hurried in, inquired as to whether the news was valid and burst into burning tears.

Oluwabukola, Taiye’s wife and a teacher in a public school in Kwara State, was curled up in a corner of the two-bedroom apartment. She appeared disheveled and broken.

After four stillbirths, her expectation of being a mother following 12 years of marriage had recently finished.

After seven days of being held incommunicado in a police cell in Lokoja, the grieving woman continued to wonder how her police husband died.

“How could the police do something like this to one of their own?” She posed a remark.

I want the entire world to be aware of my husband’s mistreatment. They gathered large chunk of change from him and tormented him to death,” she howled.

The sending

Overseer Taiye, with force number 232980, was joined to the Oke Onigbin Police Division, Kwara State, following 22 years in the police force.

During a gathering at the division early April 2023, the Divisional Cop, Stephen Aigbogun, supposedly reported that a specific monitor would be sent on extraordinary obligation to Zone 8 Police Order, Lokoja, Kogi State.

The deceased’s wife claimed that the affected inspector, on the other hand, evaded the task and was chosen as a replacement.

She claims that the development led to a significant divisional divide, with 47-year-old Taiye rejecting the deployment.

However, the Kwara State native from Ikosi was said to have been persuaded by a senior officer to wait at Ilorin while the divisional officer pleaded for him.

She said, “My significant other went to Ilorin on Tuesday, April 3, as the official vowed to call my better half the following day.

But he did not throughout that day. My better half called him on Wednesday night for an update and he said a sign had proactively been sent for my significant other to report at Lokoja.

My husband stated that he could not simply travel in that manner and would need to raise funds for his lodging and transportation. He said he would leave on Monday.

“Yet, from Great Friday, the police began calling him from Lokoja and asking where he was.”

She claims that on Easter Monday, Taiye traveled to Lokoja with medical records indicating that he was unfit for the special assignment after obtaining sufficient funds.

According to what Saturday PUNCH learned, the inspector was in an accident in 2019 while going to night duty.

A motorcycle was said to have crushed his leg.

He was admitted to the University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital at the time, where a series of X-rays led to treatment.

Oluwabukola said her significant other went to Lokoja with duplicates of his clinical reports to request an inversion of the organization.

An Associate Region Commandant was said to have communicated shock at the posting of the monitor and vowed to convey one more message for him to get back to Kwara.

The wife claims that Taiye was coerced into parting with some money in order to speed up the signal.

“The associate region administrator guaranteed him that the new sign was at that point being composed. He (the associate region leader) said he planned to eat and my significant other shouldn’t yet report.

“He and the DPO at Oke Onigbin had spoken and reached another agreement before the man would return.

“On Thursday, April 13, my husband left Lokoja because he had spent a lot of money, some of which he had borrowed from me, without receiving the letter.

“When he returned, I inquired as to why he had not stayed, and he stated that he had returned home because his spirit was troubled.

He didn’t have a job and his uniform was still there, so I told him to go back. She continued, “He promised to return on Tuesday.”

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