Nigeria: Minister purportedly killed in Ogun engine park, covered by side of the road

Nigeria: Minister purportedly killed in Ogun engine park, covered by side of the road

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

Oluwatosin Onadipe, a computer science graduate from Olabisi Onabanjo University in Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State, is said to have passed away after being allegedly struck by an official of a motor park in Ago, Odogbolu Local Government Area, for preaching.

 This is similarly as his body was said to have been covered by the side of the road by authorities of the Odogbolu Nearby Government Region after his body was unloaded by cops.

 the dad of the departed, Raymond Onadipe, on Wednesday, that Oluwatosin ventured out from home on December 17 to go to a program at the Reclamation Camp yet was inaccessible after he had spoken with his sibling on the telephone.

Onadipe noticed that after a few endeavors to contact him demonstrated fruitless, an instance of a missing individual was accounted for at the Prior Police headquarters. In any case, occasionally later, his telephone rang and was gotten by somebody who said he saw it on the side of the road.

 He said further, “On Thursday the sibling attempted the line once more and it rang. The caller informed us that they had found the phone while driving, and that the owner could come pick it up at Ode-Remo. Since Ode-Remo and Ago are so far apart, I began to wonder how his phone got to Ode-Remo.

“The following morning by 6 am, I went to Tribute Remo and I revealed at the police headquarters where I was appointed with cops to go with me to get the telephone. Whenever I cut to the chase of assortment, the individual presented himself as the Seriki Hausa of the local area. The Seriki informed us that the phone was seen by two of his boys who went to Ijebu-Ijesa in Ago-Iwoye. The police captured the people who found the telephone and we moved to Prior Police headquarters.

 “On Monday I was considered that the people who picked the telephone took the police to where they picked it from, however they found that a carcass was covered along the side of the road by wellbeing laborers from Odogbolu Nearby Government Region, which was supposed to be his cadaver, and that I have two choices of either unearthing his body or leaving it where it was covered.

 “I met with the neighborhood government administrator on the most common way of unearthing his body from where he was covered and introduced his image. The pictures I showed were different from the one the LG chair showed, who said they learned it was a hit-and-run accident. The variations made me smell a rat, however I chose to let it proceed to acknowledge destiny that my child was dead.”

 The dad noticed that the conditions encompassing his child’s demise took another turn when an observer let his oldest child know that the departed was purportedly hit by an authority of the Prior engine park when he was teaching in the vicinity on the day we last talked with him, which the police affirmed after a few to and fro.

 “At the point when I educated the police concerning the charge of being hit at the engine park, they said genuinely they went there yet they didn’t get him, and that he had no wounds on his body. Afterward, when one of the police groups that went to the recreation area was approached to show the photos taken at the scene, there was blood all around his body.

 “I questioned why they let him be and the way in which it was workable for somebody soaked in blood to walk that significant distance from the recreation area to where his body was found. I moved the case to the Area Order where the Region Leader requested the capture of authorities of the recreation area where my child was supposedly hit on the head and the police group that went to the recreation area. I later gained from the Region Order that the police really got him after he was hit by the said engine park official yet the way in which he got unloaded by the fundamental street and his possible demise stayed a secret asking for a response.

“I’m interesting to the police specialists to deal with the enemies of my child since I have been in distress since I found out about his passing,” Onadipe said.

 Affirming the episode to our journalist, the state Magistrate of Police, CP Abiodun Alamutu, said the suspects had been arrested while fundamental examination was on to unwind the conditions behind his passing.

 “The episode occurred. The individual asserted to have hit him with an iron bar and the cops purportedly involved have been arrested.

We are leading a starter examination concerning the revealed position of the family. We will think of an assertion on the issue in the following couple of days,” Alamutu said.

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