Nigeria: Marriage Dissolved by Court Due to Irreconcilable Differences

Nigeria: Marriage Dissolved by Court Due to Irreconcilable Differences

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a recent ruling by the Upper Area Court in Kubwa, Abuja, a four-year-old marriage between businessman Musa Habeeb and his wife, Mulikat Shuaibu, was dissolved on grounds of irreconcilable differences. The presiding judge, Muhammad Wakili, granted the dissolution in accordance with Islamic laws, following a request from Habeeb for confirmation of divorce.

Wakili’s verdict included provisions for Shuaibu, who was pregnant at the time of the proceedings. She was directed to remain in Habeeb’s residence until after the delivery of the child. Following the birth, Habeeb was instructed to secure a suitable accommodation for Shuaibu and their children, which would be inspected by court officials before her relocation.

Habeeb had initiated divorce proceedings in 2023, and despite his efforts, Shuaibu had remained in the marital home. He cited legal counsel and the issuance of a divorce letter from the court as evidence of his intentions to dissolve the marriage.

However, Shuaibu’s legal representative, Sherifdeen Bello, contested the validity of the divorce, arguing that Islamic procedures, including the mandatory waiting period known as “Iddah,” had not been adhered to. Bello also highlighted alleged neglect by Habeeb towards Shuaibu’s financial upkeep during her pregnancy, except after legal intervention.

In response, Habeeb’s counsel affirmed his client’s fulfillment of domestic responsibilities and urged the court to dismiss Shuaibu’s claims.

This case underscores the complexities surrounding divorce proceedings, particularly when governed by religious laws, and highlights the importance of legal representation and adherence to procedural requirements. As the legal system navigates such disputes, the welfare of all parties involved, especially vulnerable individuals like pregnant women, remains a paramount concern.

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