Nigeria: Man dies in Rivers hotel, dissident calls for CCTV footage

Nigeria: Man dies in Rivers hotel, dissident calls for CCTV footage

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

A moderately aged man just recognized as Ken was said to have been tracked down dead in his room while housing in a lodging in the D/Line area of Port Harcourt, Streams State capital.

Ken was said to have looked into the lodging on Saturday while his lifeless body was found on Sunday.

The conditions encompassing his demise were not satisfactory as of press time.

A staff individual from the lodging was said to have revealed the make a difference to a close by police headquarters from where investigators were drafted to the scene.

At the point when reached, the state Police Advertising Official, Elegance Iringe-Koko, affirmed the episode, it is progressing to say the examination.

Iringe-Koko, a Director of Police, said agents had been to the lodging and the body stored in a morgue.

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“Indeed, we know about the episode and the man’s cadaver has been recovered. Our men took photos and a fundamental examination was finished.

“Examination is as yet continuous to determine the prompt and remote reasons for the demise as well as the conditions,” she said.

In the mean time, the Public Organizer of the Middle for Fundamental Freedoms Security and Responsibility Mission, Ruler Wiro, has approached the state government to set up a team to implement the establishment and the utilization of CCTV cameras in lodgings and visitor houses to further develop security.

He said, “Examinations showed that numerous lodgings are not consenting to registration techniques specified by the state government at some point in 2018 and 2019 when there were issues of sequential killing of little kids in certain inns in the state.

“The embodiment of agreeing with registration method, for example having CCTV camera, sign in register, etc is that assuming there are issues, it will be simple for the police to research.”

“I think the Streams State Government, through the Service of Culture and The travel industry, ought to set up a team to start to screen the degree of consistence by lodgings and visitor houses as respects registration systems.”

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