Nigeria: Lover, a prophet, will be hanged for the murder of an LASU student

Nigeria: Lover, a prophet, will be hanged for the murder of an LASU student

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

An Osun State High Court in Ikire sentenced 42-year-old prophet Segun Philip and 23-year-old Owolabi Adeeko to death by hanging on Monday for the 2019 murder of Favour Daley-Oladele, a Lagos State University senior, for ritual purposes.

Owolabi’s 46-year-old mother, Bola, was also given a two-year prison term by Justice Christiana Obadina for eating human flesh.

Before the man invited her to Ikoyi, Osun State, in December 2019, Adeeko and Daley-Oladele met at LASU and started dating.

Be that as it may, while on the visit, Daley-Oladele was tricked to Philip’s congregation likewise in Ikoyi, where she was tranquilized and killed with a pestle.

Subsequent to collecting a few organs from her, the two men covered the departed’s remaining parts in a shallow grave inside the congregation premises.

The organs collected from the departed were purportedly used to set up a blend for Owolabi’s mom to further develop her business fortune which was plunging at that point.

The three litigants were first charged under the steady gaze of a judges’ court in Apomu in January 2020 however were re-summoned under the steady gaze of High Court, Ikire in November 2021, for scheme and murder.

During the preliminary, the indictment group drove by the Specialist General and Long-lasting Secretary, Osun State Service of Equity, Mrs Adekemi Bello, who showed up with Ajibola Alade, let the court know that under cross examination, Owolabi admitted to the police that he utilized his better half to set up a feast for cash custom for his mom.

The arraignment group, throughout the preliminary, called the researching cop that dealt with the case and eight different observers and offered a few shows under the watchful eye of the court.

The respondents called no observers except for entered the observer box to affirm with regards to their various jobs regarding this situation.

Adeshina Olaniyan, the defendants’ attorney, addressed the court and pleaded for leniency.

Conveying her judgment, Equity Obadina proclaimed that the indictment demonstrated its case without question and articulated Philip and Owolabi at real fault for intrigue and murder.

She condemned them to death by hanging for homicide and 14 years detainment for intrigue, while Owolabi’s mom, who was viewed as at legitimate fault for utilization of human tissue, was condemned to two years detainment.

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