Nigeria: Lagos drivers denounce criminals assaults on individuals

Nigeria: Lagos drivers denounce criminals assaults on individuals

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Lagos State Truck and Freight Administrators Board of trustees has unequivocally censured the rehashed assaults on transporters in Lagos State by punks, refering to cases of unjustifiable blackmail and attack.

The board of trustees raised concerns following a new assault on a transporter along the Mile 2 – Oshodi express street, bringing about the hospitalization of the driver.

Administrator of LASTCOC, Mr. Lukman Shittu, tended to the media, communicating alarm over the episode. Shittu described the occasions, expressing, “Some cost gathering hooligans at Berger transport stop outwards Mile 2-Oshodi express street on Saturday morning waved to a stacked containerized truck to coerce the driver.”

“At the point when the driver wouldn’t stop, one of the hooligans hopped onto the driver’s side and begun hauling the guiding with him, making the truck turn and crash into left vehicles.”

Shittu uncovered that the driver, trying to safeguard himself, was cut…

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