Nigeria: Lady safeguards child from black bear eating birthday picnic in Mexico

Nigeria: Lady safeguards child from black bear eating birthday picnic in Mexico

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

A lady in Mexico protected her child after a bear jumped on to an outdoor table, crawls from his face, and ate up the tacos and enchiladas implied for his birthday supper.

Silvia Macías of Mexico City had made a trip to the Chipinque Park on the edges of the northern city of Monterrey to commend the fifteenth birthday celebration of her child, Santiago, who has Down’s disorder.

Not long after they plunked down to eat, the bear appeared and swallowed down french fries, enchiladas, tacos and salsa. A video shot by her companion Angela Chapa shows Macías sitting unemotionally, crawls from the bear’s mouth, holding Santiago and safeguarding his eyes with her hand. Macías kept her eyes sad to keep away from whatever the bear could think about a test.

“The most awful thing was that Santiago could get terrified,” Macías said on Tuesday in a meeting with the Related Press. ” Santiago is extremely terrified of creatures … a feline or a canine, any creature panics him a great deal.

“That is the reason I covered his eyes, since I didn’t believe he should see it and shout or run. I was anxious about the possibility that that assuming he got terrified or shouted, or frightened the bear, the bear would respond.”

Macías said she and Chapa had contemplated the chance of a bear experience – they are not obscure in the recreation area, however generally the bears emerge toward day break or sunset, not late morning – and they had thought of an arrangement.

“We will play a game where we cover Santiago’s eyes and we will behave like sculptures,” she told her child.

Also, that is precisely exact thing they did: Santiago stayed still, despite the fact that “the bear was extremely near us, we heard him as he snarled, as he ate, you could smell the bear. It was actually quite, exceptionally close.”

Inquired as to whether he had been terrified, Santiago, who goes to center school in Mexico City, said: ” Indeed, a ton.”

Chapa, who shot the scene, lives in Monterrey and knew the right way of behaving for a wild bear experience: never run.

She saw a plate of enchiladas the bear had not eaten and moved it far away, subsequent to showing it to the creature. True to form, the creature followed the food and Chapa remained before the bear, protecting Macías and her child, permitting them to withdraw discreetly and gradually.

In the end, the bear disappeared.

Santiago got his birthday tacos supplanted, and all finished well. Macías said she didn’t see herself as a legend. ” I simply believe I’m a mother who safeguarded her whelp.”

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