Nigeria: Katsina State Governor Raises Alarm Over Rising Kidnappings of Students

Nigeria: Katsina State Governor Raises Alarm Over Rising Kidnappings of Students

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Katsina State Governor, Dikko Radda, has expressed grave concern over the increasing incidents of student kidnappings in the state, highlighting a pressing security threat that has engulfed the region. During a working visit to the Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund) in Abuja, Governor Radda appealed for urgent assistance to address the security challenges affecting tertiary institutions in the state.

Governor Radda emphasized the critical need for enhanced security measures to ensure a conducive learning environment for students, particularly in the face of rampant kidnappings. He acknowledged the support provided by the Federal Government but underscored the inadequacy of resources to tackle the multifaceted challenges confronting the state. In light of this, he turned to TETFund as a vital source of support to bolster infrastructure and security measures within educational institutions.

He stated, “We are grappling with the threat of insecurity, with numerous incidents of student kidnappings. Thus, there is an urgent requirement for heightened security measures within our institutions to facilitate uninterrupted learning.”

Governor Radda further elaborated on ongoing efforts to upgrade infrastructure within the state’s educational landscape, including the transformation of an ICT institution into a university of technology. He stressed the importance of securing these institutions to safeguard the welfare and educational pursuits of students.

In response, the Executive Secretary of TETFund, Sonny Echono, acknowledged the gravity of the security situation, affirming the organization’s commitment to addressing the challenges. Echono assured Governor Radda of TETFund’s dedication to prioritizing security interventions in troubled regions, including Katsina State.

Echono outlined TETFund’s comprehensive approach to enhancing security infrastructure, which includes provisions for power supply, communication systems, and other essential resources to fortify educational institutions. He emphasized the imperative of ensuring uninterrupted access to education, even amidst security crises, echoing President Bola Tinubu’s resolve to prioritize education in times of turmoil.

Moreover, Echono emphasized the importance of expanding skills development programs to bridge existing gaps and uplift disadvantaged youth. He underscored TETFund’s commitment to providing substantial support for educational initiatives across the country, urging collaboration between the state government and TETFund to identify and prioritize beneficiary institutions.

In conclusion, Governor Radda’s appeal underscores the urgent need for concerted efforts to address the security challenges plaguing educational institutions in Katsina State. Through collaboration with organizations like TETFund, there is hope for bolstering security measures and ensuring the safety and well-being of students pursuing their academic endeavors.

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