Nigeria: Insecurity stopping us from opening tourist sites in Niger — Govt

Nigeria: Insecurity stopping us from opening tourist sites in Niger — Govt

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The Niger State government has said insecurity is one of the major challenges militating against the promotion of tourism sites in the state.

Commissioner for Culture and Tourism, Fatima Adamu,  who spoke yesterday during the 2023 World Tourism Day celebration with the theme, ‘Tourism and Green Investment’, said there were tourism sites in some Local Government Areas that could have been opened as tourism attractions but insecurity was a hindrance.

According to her, tourism could have been a veritable source of revenue for the state but the activities of bandits were preventing it.

Her words, “My challenges in promoting tourism in Niger State are funding and insecurity because some of those places cannot be assessed because of the insecurity, most especially the Kwangugari site. The Kwangugari site is where we have the Gadan Allah.

“We could have made it a tourism site for everyone but it’s no more assessable because of insecurity. But His Excellency is trying his best to see that everything moves on smoothly, to control the insecurity in Niger State.

“We have many tourism sites in Niger State but not all of them are functioning well and I am trying my possible best to make it functional. I want to activate all the tourism sites in Niger State and where they need investors. We are inviting investors to come and invest in Niger State because Niger State is a home of tourism.

 “We have many tourist sites. The examples we have are the Zuma Rock, Gurara Falls and Shagunu Beach. We have the Dutse Malolo in my local government.  We have the Gada Allah where you can come. It is a natural bridge and it is not everyone that knows there. I’m trying to activate all those sites.” The commissioner for Transport, Ladidi Kuta, 

who represented the state’s deputy governor, also said tourism in the state was stopped for a while in the past but that the present government would bring in development partners, who would collaborate with the state to open up most of the tourism attractions.

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