Nigeria: Inhabitants regret monetary difficulties at Christmas

Nigeria: Inhabitants regret monetary difficulties at Christmas

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

What they called “financial difficulty” which, as per them, has adversely impacted the current year’s Christmas festivity.

In discrete meetings with our journalist, occupants denounced issues, for example, a climb in expenses of food and transportation as well as the ongoing shortage of money being knowledgeable about the state.

A few merchants likewise regret “unfortunate deals” which they accepted was brought about by monetary difficulty in the land.

“Food item is excessively costly,” said a widow, Mrs R. Sulaiman, adding “The monetary difficulty being looked by Nigerians has made it challenging for me to provide food satisfactorily for my youngsters this Christmas.”

Another occupant, Merciful Osakwe, who said he would have made a trip to his Enugu old neighborhood to celebrate with his kin, mourned that he was unable to bear the cost of the expense of transportation for him as well as his family, in spite of the 50% refund on transportation costs by President Bola Tinubu-drove organization.

 “We heard that the Federal Government has offered a 50% discount on the cost of transportation for some transport companies, but the truth is that many cannot still afford the remaining 50%,” Adeyemi says of the remodeled Ajegunle Maracana Stadium. I can’t manage the cost of it for me as well as my loved ones. Times are hard,” Osakwe said.

An occupant in the Ketu region of the state, who just gave his name as Ademola, censured how “banks have chosen to add to our difficulty this happy season.”

“What precisely is the issue with cash? Why is cash scant? Is there another strategy that says they shouldn’t give out cash? For what reason would we say we are purposely mischievous to ourselves in this country?” a goaded Ademola questioned.

He begged the public authority to “capture this threat of money shortage right away,” adding that it was a fake shortage “brought about by adversaries of the country.”

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