Nigeria: In the Ogun community, an immigration officer fatally shoots a protester

Nigeria: In the Ogun community, an immigration officer fatally shoots a protester

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

An official of the Nigeria Migration Administration, distinguished essentially as Lamba, has been blamed for shooting a protester, Jacob Bamgbola, to death in the Idigbo people group, Yewa North Neighborhood Government Area of Ogun State.

PUNCH Metro learned that Bamgbola was riding a motorcycle with his sister’s daughter to a community location when some immigration officers at a checkpoint on the Idiroko Expressway stopped him at the Ijowun end and demanded N200 before allowing him to continue his journey.

Our correspondent learned that Bamgbola refused to comply with the officers’ request, claiming that he had not committed any wrongdoing that would have justified him being allegedly extorted N200.

Benjamin took advantage of the fact that not a lot of attention was being paid to him and zoomed off while some of the officers were busy questioning other motorists. The situation resulted in an argument.

Bamgbola dropped off his niece when he got to his sister’s house, then told some young people in the community about his encounter with immigration officials.

Our correspondent was informed by a community source that the youths, some of whom had also had similar encounters on the road that bordered on alleged extortion by immigration officers, brought other youths to Moses Faleye’s house to protest the development.

According to the source, the immigration officers stormed the premises during the protest and allegedly shot Bamgbola to death while attempting to disperse the protesters.

He said, “Bamgbola went to convey his sister’s little girl and returning, he met migration officials out and about. Those officials are dependably there at the designated spot. He refused their offer to give them N200 when they stopped him.

He explained to them that he was a villager’s son and questioned why he should pay them anything. He complained to some youths after he left, and the youths gathered at the Baale’s house to voice their displeasure with the officers’ actions.

“Yet, inside certain minutes, the migration officials arrived in a van and keeping in mind that the Baale was attempting to quiet the circumstance, they began shooting and simultaneously, one of them known as Lamba shot Bamgbola. When Bamgbola passed away, the youths were hurrying him to the hospital.

The top of the cautiousness bunch in the town, Adesina Alabi, while whining about the turn of events, said security work force were partial to coercing cash from street clients along the street.

“Come to this side of the road to see how officers from the police, immigration, customs, and other agencies would simply set up roadblocks and demand money from motorists. It is turning out to be excessively,” he said.

Falaye, when reached, said the occasions that guaranteed Bamgbola’s life was sad, adding that the matter ought to have been settled genially.

He said, “It occurred before my home. Youths from the town came to express their displeasure with the activities of our community’s immigration officers.

“While I was attempting to assuage them, some movement officials came and when they saw the adolescents, they began to shoot in the air. One person was shot and killed during the process.

“The case was reported at the Igbokofi Police Station after the incident, and the policemen came with cameras and took our statements.”

SP Omolola Odutola of the state Police Public Relations stated to our correspondent that she was unaware of the case but promised to investigate and respond.

She presently couldn’t seem to do as such as of the time this report was recorded.

Olajide Oshifeso, the state’s NIS spokesperson, responded, “The matter is already being investigated, and when it is completed, details of the matter would be made public.” when contacted.

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