Nigeria: In Anambra, a woman sets a policewoman and children on fire

Nigeria: In Anambra, a woman sets a policewoman and children on fire

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

A lady, distinguished as Nnaemaka Nwosu, has supposedly set a cop and her two kids on fire in Anambra State.

It was learned that the incident took place on Sunday at the Nnokwa community in the Anambra State’s Idemili South Local Government Area.

The suspect, who was said to be from Amawbia, was said to have been divorced from her husband. Shortly after that, she became homeless and in desperate need of a place to live before telling the policewoman, who gave her a place to live in her apartment.

As per a source in the space who liked to be unknown, inconvenience began when the suspect had a squabble with the police officer, bringing about the battle and her consequently raising a ruckus around town with a pestle till she fell and became oblivious.

The source said, “From that point onward, the suspect tied the cop and her youngsters along with rope, just inside their room, set them burning, along with the structure; furthermore, they (the cop and her youngsters) all got scorched.

“The suspect was initially apprehended by operatives of the local vigilante and some of the villagers who were attracted by the fire, and she was ultimately captured while she was trying to escape the vicinity,” the report reads.

The suspect, who at first guaranteed that it was a gas chamber that detonated when the lady and her kids were extremely hot water, later admitted to the wrongdoing and made sense of how she did the egregious demonstration.

 The Anambra State Police spokesman, DSP Tochukwu Ikenga, confirmed the incident when contacted. Anambra is installing a clock-in device to reduce health workers’ absenteeism.

Ikenga went on to say that the suspect had been taken into custody and that the case had been handed over to the State Criminal Investigation Department in Awka for additional examination.

He said the cadavers of the police officer and her youngsters have been kept at the morgue.

Additionally, DSP Ikenga revealed that the case had been transferred to the State Investigation Department for additional investigation and prosecution. He also provided a brief account of the incident.

The suspect was accommodated by the policewoman while she was looking for a home, according to preliminary information. Before the suspect struck the female police officer in the head with a pestle, the two women had a disagreement that led to a fight.

She tied her and her two children to a tree and set them on fire while she was unconscious. The groups of the casualties have been recuperated and kept in the funeral home. Ikenga added, “Any further development will be communicated.”

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