Nigeria: How we take what we steal and turn it into our own – A couple talks

Nigeria: How we take what we steal and turn it into our own – A couple talks

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Ngozi Kenneth, 33, a mother of twins, told how she and her husband Adewale Olokunboye, 29, turned stolen goods into family property.

Ms Ngozi was accused of being involved in a series of store robberies and theft of goods worth millions of naira in the state capital, after her husband was arrested by operatives of the Ondo State Security Forces codenamed ‘Amotekun’. He was arrested along with Adewale.

They were paraded along with 31 other criminal suspects who terrorized the people of the state.

Ms. Ngozi told in an interview how other accomplices broke into the store and prepared false affidavits to convert the stolen property into her family’s property.

She says I wasn’t involved in the break-in. All you have to do is wait until the goods are processed and then complete a fake affidavit to transfer the goods to your property.

“I wasn’t the one who broke into the store. I went with Daniel alone.”

“After breaking into the store, Daniel came with the items I was waiting for. Yes, earlier. We filed a stolen goods affidavit.”

“When goods are stolen, we complete a false affidavit to show that we are the rightful owner of the stolen goods.

The husband denied having any prior knowledge of his wife’s involvement until security forces stormed the premises where the stolen goods were stored.

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