Nigeria: Hippopotamus kills pregnant lady in Benue

Nigeria: Hippopotamus kills pregnant lady in Benue

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, MAMOS Nigeria

The incident is said to have occurred in Makurdi, the capital of Benue State, along the old bridge crossing point of the River Benue.

The deceased went to buy vegetables with other traders for business purposes, according to an eyewitness who did not want to be named in this report. The hippopotamus then attacked her at the river’s edge.

She was being transported on a wooden boat after an engine boat developed a fault. The went after boat was said to have broken into pieces with the casualty suffocated.

The lady’s body was, in any case, recuperated the next day of the assault.

In the mean time, to safeguard ladies against maltreatment in the country, the Public Organization for the Disallowance of Dealing with People (NAPTIP) has thought about plans to address the rising instances of online sexual abuse and sexual coercion.

Vincent Adekoye, the press officer for NAPTIP, cited Prof. Fatima Waziri-Azi, the agency’s director general, as cautioning Nigerians against indiscriminately sharing intimate content and private information with friends and strangers in a statement announcing this plan.

“We as a whole realize that the appearance of innovation has achieved exceptional open doors for correspondence and admittance to data which has likewise made new roads for lawbreakers to take advantage of individuals, particularly weak ladies, and kids.

“We have seen gradual instances of Youngster Rape Materials on the web, kid porn; sexual exploitation can take many forms, including sextortion and revenge pornography.

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