Nigeria: Heroic Driver Prevents Tragedy: Rescues Passenger from Suicide in Calabar

Nigeria: Heroic Driver Prevents Tragedy: Rescues Passenger from Suicide in Calabar

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a remarkable act of compassion, Mr. Kingsley Benson, a vigilant driver, averted a potential tragedy by saving a distressed female passenger from committing suicide in Calabar, the capital of Cross River State. The incident unfolded on Monday when Benson, while recounting the ordeal to Vanguard, revealed the harrowing details of the situation.

The driver narrated that the passenger, whose identity remains confidential, exhibited signs of deep distress when picked up from the Bogobiri area of the city. Benson sensed something amiss as the passenger wore a seemingly forced smile and requested the activation of the car’s air conditioner, uttering a cryptic statement that raised his concern.

Disturbed by the passenger’s unsettling remarks and recognizing the possible gravity of the situation, Benson took a closer look at the nylon bag the passenger was carrying, noticing its resemblance to a container of a harmful substance known as sniper. Realizing the imminent danger, he knew immediate action was necessary to prevent a tragic outcome.

In an effort to divert the course of events, Benson fabricated a need to stop at Watt market. However, he strategically altered his plan, deciding that the Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital would be a more suitable place for intervention. Sensibly, he explained the situation to the hospital staff upon arrival, emphasizing his role as a bolt driver and sharing the details of his observations.

Promptly, the hospital staff took charge, examining the contents of the passenger’s bag and confirming the presence of sniper. The passenger’s intention to end her life became evident, and the hospital staff, acting swiftly, secured her within their facility. Benson expressed his belief that the woman would receive the necessary assistance and counseling to overcome her challenges.

Despite attempts to contact the hospital management for further details, a reliable source, requesting anonymity, confirmed the incident to Vanguard. It was disclosed that the girl’s relatives had been notified, highlighting the collaborative effort to ensure her well-being.

This inspiring tale of quick thinking and compassionate intervention serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial role individuals can play in preventing tragedies. Mr. Kingsley Benson’s decisive actions not only saved a life but also showcased the importance of mental health awareness and community support in our society.

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