Nigeria: Herder Attacks Leave Over 15 Dead and Communities Deserted in Benue State

Nigeria: Herder Attacks Leave Over 15 Dead and Communities Deserted in Benue State

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a harrowing series of events spanning three days, armed herders wreaked havoc on several communities in Apa Local Government Area of Benue State, resulting in the deaths of at least 15 individuals and the displacement of countless residents.

The assaults targeted Akpete, Ugbobi, Ijaha, Edikwu Oji, and Iyanpu communities, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Homes were destroyed, farmlands ravaged, and lives lost as the armed men unleashed terror upon the unsuspecting villagers.

According to reports from eyewitnesses, the attacks commenced on Tuesday, with the initial onslaught claiming five lives in Ijaha alone. Subsequent raids on Ediku Oji and Akpete further exacerbated the situation, forcing residents to flee their homes in fear for their lives.

The gravity of the situation was underscored by Mr. Eche Akpoko, the National Chairman of Apa Development Association, who lamented that the recent attacks surpassed the brutality witnessed in previous incidents. He highlighted the indiscriminate targeting of women and children, painting a grim picture of the atrocities committed by the assailants.

Lawmaker Abu Umoru, representing Apa state constituency in the Benue State House of Assembly, echoed these sentiments, expressing deep concern over the escalating violence and its toll on the affected communities. He described the mass displacement of residents and the rampant destruction of property, emphasizing the urgent need for intervention to stem the bloodshed.

The lawmaker’s impassioned plea underscored the failure of previous efforts to address the escalating crisis, pointing to the futility of motions and resolutions passed at both state and national levels. His words echoed the frustration and helplessness felt by many in the face of relentless violence and loss.

As the affected communities grapple with the aftermath of the attacks, questions loom over the adequacy of security measures and the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in safeguarding vulnerable populations. The absence of timely intervention from the authorities only serves to compound the suffering of those caught in the crossfire.

In the absence of concrete action, the residents of Benue State find themselves trapped in a cycle of violence and displacement, with no end in sight to their ordeal. As the death toll rises and communities lie deserted, the urgent need for lasting solutions becomes increasingly apparent.

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