Nigeria: Hardship Hits Households: Noodles Become a Luxury Item as Prices Skyrocket

Nigeria: Hardship Hits Households: Noodles Become a Luxury Item as Prices Skyrocket

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Noodles, a once staple and convenient food item for many households, have become a luxury that some parents in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) can no longer afford. As the price of this beloved fast food continues to soar, parents are forced to reevaluate their grocery lists and seek alternatives that are more budget-friendly.

In interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja, parents expressed their concerns about the rising cost of noodles and the impact it has on their families. Hajiya Hauwa Bakari, a mother and a teacher, shared her experience of preparing noodles for her children to take to school and Islamic school every week. However, the recent price increase forced her to switch to other available food in the house. She explained that the price of a carton of indomie noodles jumped from N6,000 to N8,400 within two weeks, and now it is even higher, with some brands costing as much as N18,000 per carton. Mrs. Bakari lamented that noodles, once a favorite food for her children, has now become a luxury that she can no longer afford.

Mrs. Kemi Samuel, a mother of four, echoed similar sentiments, stating that she has decided to remove noodles from her grocery list altogether. She reasoned that spending money on noodles, which are digested quickly and provide little nutritional value, is not a wise use of resources. Instead, she plans to cook more spaghetti with vegetables for her family, as it is a more cost-effective and nutritious option.

Despite the high cost, some individuals, like Miss Rose Yakubu, a student, are still willing to pay for noodles. She explained that noodles are convenient and save her from buying other food ingredients, which can be more expensive. However, not everyone shares Miss Yakubu’s sentiment. Mr. Shefiyu Abubakar, a shop owner, revealed that fewer people are buying noodles from his shop due to the price increase. He noted that the price of the ‘hungry man’ indomie pack has risen to between N18,000 to N19,000 per carton, making it unaffordable for many.

As prices continue to rise, many worry about the implications for food security and the overall well-being of families. It is a challenging time for families as they navigate the rising cost of living and make difficult decisions about their food choices.

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