Nigeria: Gunmen shoot Bauchi businessman dead

Nigeria: Gunmen shoot Bauchi businessman dead

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Gunmen thought to be kidnappers have shot and killed a businessman, Chinonso Ugwu, an occupant of Balele town in the Ningi Nearby Government Area of Bauchi State.

An inhabitant of the town, who addressed columnists, on Thursday, on state of namelessness said the gunmen raged the town around 1.30am on Tuesday and began shooting unpredictably.

The source said the gunmen, who he asserted had been threatening various networks nearby, went to the place of the late 37-year-old money manager and shot him commonly in his stomach and head.

He went on to say that, for fear of being attacked, no one could come to his aid until the following morning, when he was rushed to the hospital with police officers.

“He was, notwithstanding, affirmed irredeemable by a clinical specialist at the Burra General Clinic,” he added.

The Appointee Guardian Executive of Ningi Neighborhood Government Region, Lawan Muhammad, affirmed the episode to writers.

 He claimed that as soon as he received the report of the attack, he dispatched soldiers and police officers to the village to assist in the rescue and possibly provide protection for the residents.

 He refused to open the door for the gunmen, who repeatedly knocked. He remained by the entryway from within to keep them from getting access.

“It was around then that they took shots at the entryway commonly, all the while, a few projectiles hit him,” Muhammad said. When journalists contacted the command’s spokesman, Superintendent of Police Ahmed Wakil, he was unable to confirm the incident at the time this report was written.

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