Nigeria: Gombe police kill suspected armed robber

Nigeria: Gombe police kill suspected armed robber

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

On Friday, the Gombe State Police Command said that in a gun duel, it killed a suspected member of an armed robber gang, arrested three other members of the gang, and six people escaped with gunshot wounds.

The Representative Police Advertising Official of the order, Sharif Saad, said the control room was cautioned that a pack of famous furnished looters who had some expertise in threatening occupants of Gombe city, particularly Arawa, Malam inna and Nayi nawa quarters of the state were at present in Arawa quarters.

The assertion somewhat read, “The thought burglars attacked the home of Alhaji Gidado Muhammad Sani, at Arawa Quarters, shooting inconsistently and denying them of their important property. Mohammed Abdullahi, a security guard for Sani, was hit in the back, left hand, and head by the robbers.

“The armed robbers engaged the operatives in a gun duel when they saw them, and one of the deadly robbers, Alias Albaru, was killed, while Adamu Usman, alias Bali, 22; Mustapha Abdullahi, pseudonym Jammaye, 22; Six other suspects, including 21-year-old Abdullahi Hussaini, also known as Danbasi, were on the run with suspected gunshot wounds. Some portion of the displays ransacked from the casualties was recuperated as exertion is put to capture the escaping suspects.”

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