Nigeria: Furious Borno youths burn Davido’s banner over controversial video

Nigeria: Furious Borno youths burn Davido’s banner over controversial video

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Some youths  have depended on burning a banner inscribed with the image of Afro beat performer, David Adeleke, otherwise known as Davido, in an evident demonstration of outrage against a now-erased questionable music video named ‘Jaiye Lo’ delivered by his signee, Olalekan Taiwo, also known as Logos Olori.

In a 19-second video clip posted on Tik Tok by @deeksaiphonestore and reposted by @sarki_sultan on Twitter, the young people are seen setting on fire the banner as certain spectators notices them taking part in the demonstration.

An engraving on the video implies that the youths were executing the demonstration in the Maiduguri area of Borno State.

Remarking on the video clip, @sarki_sultan stated, “Davido ought to apologize we should end this. It doesn’t take anything to say I’m heartbroken.”

As of the time this report was documented, the report had collected more than 354,000 views on TikTok.

The PUNCH had revealed that the Muslim Privileges Concern ridiculed Davido, and Logos Olori for delivering the music video.

In a proclamation on Monday, the organizer behind the Islamic association, Prof Ishaq Akintola, said MURIC had made the Branch of State Administrations aware of welcome the team for addressing concerning the music video, which was portrayed as coldhearted toward Muslim sentiments.

Akintola noticed that a seven-day final proposal had been given to Davido to pull down the video.

The assertion read to a limited extent, “Logos Olori, an artiste under David Adeleke, otherwise known as Davido, as of late delivered a music video with the subtitle, ‘Jaye Lo’. In the video, certain individuals wearing white jalabiyas like Muslims were seen supplicating the manner in which Muslims do prior to sending off into moving as they presented some Quranic stanzas and implored.

“Mats were spread for those supplicating a the famous single-behind an ‘Imam petition floor covering (sajadah). The people who were imploring additionally perused out what resembled Muslim recitations in Arabic language and prostrated the manner in which Muslims do in supplication.

“Logos Olori himself was seen sitting on the top of a mosque-like structure mounted with a horn public location framework in this way making the total impression of a mosque situation.”

Akintola 100% guaranteed that, the scene in the music video was the setting of a Muslim supplication meeting, yet blending it in with singing and moving was totally off-base in idea and horribly deceptive in happy.

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