Nigeria: Former Inmate Apprehended for Kidnapping Nine Individuals in Ondo State

Nigeria: Former Inmate Apprehended for Kidnapping Nine Individuals in Ondo State

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a recent development, the Ondo State security outfit, Amotekun, has apprehended 62 individuals, including an ex-convict named Usman Garuba and a 72-year-old informant, Suleman Abubakar, on charges related to kidnapping and other criminal activities. The arrests were made across all 18 local government areas and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in the state.

According to Chief Adetunji Adeleye, the Commander of Amotekun, Garuba was taken into custody after allegedly kidnapping nine individuals and extorting ransom at Ala/Dada Ago Oyinbo in Akure North council area. Disturbingly, when villagers resisted his actions, Garuba retaliated by leading a gang to burn down an entire village.

Upon receiving a tip-off, Amotekun operatives raided Garuba’s hideout, arresting him and five other accomplices. The seized items included single barrel guns, bullets, amulets, ransom money, and various consumable items. Notably, Garuba and two of his associates had previous convictions and served jail sentences.

Regarding Suleman Abubakar, Adeleye revealed that the 72-year-old informant, employed as a security guard, betrayed his employer by providing information to kidnappers, leading to the boss’s abduction. Abubakar maintained communication with the kidnappers and was exposed when his phone records revealed connections to the same number used in negotiations.

The arrests were a result of distress calls, surveillance activities, and joint operations involving Amotekun, the police, Civil Defense, DSS, and the Army. Adeleye emphasized the strategic nature of the ember month patrol to ensure the safety of lives and property in Ondo State, thanking the public for their support and urging them to continue providing timely and valuable information.

He disclosed that the operations unveiled 15 suspected kidnappers, along with evidence such as firearms, ransom money, and specific instructions on packaging ransom payments. Criminals targeting various activities, from armed robbery to house burglaries during church services, were also apprehended.

Adeleye assured the public that there would be no hiding place for criminals in Ondo State, emphasizing the commitment of security agencies to safeguarding lives and properties, especially during the upcoming festive season.

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