Nigeria: Fire at illegal Rivers refinery kills 35 people

Nigeria: Fire at illegal Rivers refinery kills 35 people

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

At least 35 people have reportedly been burnt to death at an illegal oil refinery in Rivers State.

The incident occurred in Ibah community in Emofua Local Government Area of ​​the state.

More than 45 people were reported to have been injured in a fire at an illegal oil refinery late Sunday evening.

Community official Emmanuel Daniel said the victims were out trading petroleum products when the fire broke out at the refinery site.

Daniel noted that the people of Isiokpo Kingdom in Ikwerre Local Government Area of ​​the state, Ibah and Oduoha in Emofua LGA were affected.

Daniel said: They were scooping and filling crude oil when the bar caught fire.

“The fire started in a refinery near where the crude oil was being packed.

“There were a lot of Ishiokpo people, Oduoha people and Iba people there. Seven of them were involved in extracting the crude oil. He died in the mine. About 10 of them suffered severe burns in the hole.

“Approximately 30 people died at the scene and more than 15 were taken to the hospital. We understand that three of them died while being taken to the hospital.”

National Guard Police Public Affairs Officer Grace Grace. As stated by Ilinzi Koko, at the time of going to press, the police could not confirm the development of the situation and said they would contact them in the future. More on this reporter later.

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