Nigeria: “FCT Police Issues Warning to Couples: ‘Keep Marital Matters Offline, Focus on Business Promotion on Social Media”

Nigeria: “FCT Police Issues Warning to Couples: ‘Keep Marital Matters Offline, Focus on Business Promotion on Social Media”

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

In a noteworthy advisory, the Federal Capital Territory Police Command has issued a cautionary message to couples, urging them to refrain from sharing intimate details of their marriages on social media platforms. SP Josephine Adeh, the Police Public Relations Officer of the Police Command, conveyed this message through her official social media handle on Sunday.

Adeh emphasized the need for couples to utilize social media for business promotion rather than showcasing personal relationships online. In her statement, she remarked, “All these married couples showing off love on social media. I don’t want to hear complaints oooo. Keep your happy homes off social media. Use the social media platforms to promote your businesses.”

This caution comes in response to a growing trend where couples in the Federal Capital Territory have been filing complaints with the FCT Police Complaint Response Unit (PCRU) regarding the impact of social media activities on their marriages. Over the past two months, the PCRU has reportedly received numerous complaints from married individuals residing in the FCT.

Highlighting the concern, a PCRU officer stated, “I think the PRO is just very concerned because most of the complaints that we have received at the PCRU over the past two months have been from married people. A lot of these married people living in the FCT have been calling us to complain about the content that their partners post on social media and how it sometimes affects them in negative ways.”

This development sheds light on the evolving dynamics of relationships in the digital age, where the impact of online activities on personal lives is becoming a subject of concern. As individuals navigate the delicate balance between personal and public spheres, the FCT Police’s caution serves as a reminder of the potential consequences of oversharing on social media platforms.

In addition to this cautionary note, the news landscape continues to unfold with diverse stories ranging from the Grammys night and audit revelations on FX claims to security issues such as the demand for a ransom for the wife of a murdered traditional ruler in Kwara. As always, the opinions expressed in this article are independent and do not necessarily reflect the views of Vanguard newspapers or its staff.

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As we engage with these stories, let us recognize the significance of responsible online behavior and the impact it can have on personal relationships, in line with the advice shared by the FCT Police Command.

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