Nigeria: Employee to be hanged for the murder of Lagos hotelier and manager

Nigeria: Employee to be hanged for the murder of Lagos hotelier and manager

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

A Lagos State High Court sitting in the Ikeja region of the state, on Tuesday, indicted and condemned a previous hotel worker, Jeffrey Ehizojie, to death by hanging for killing the proprietor of Etashol and Suites Lodging, Olusola Olusoga, and the director of the hotel, Tunji Omikunle, in the Ojodu Berger region of the state.

Equity Oyindamola Ogala tracked down Ehizojie, 30, at real fault for beating and strangulating Olusoga.

Ogala held that the indictment demonstrated the two-count charge of homicide without question.

In her judgment, the adjudicator held that the essence of the instance of the arraignment was started upon the confession booth explanation of the convict as well as conditional proof.

She expressed that the court had painstakingly viewed as the withdrawn safeguard explanation, which showed where Ehizojie expressed that one of the inn laborers, Henry, had informed him that he saw that the proprietor of the lodging kept a lot of cash at home.

Ogala said, “The respondent, in his confession booth explanation, said Olusoga mistreated her laborers so they wanted to tie her and gather her cash. Confession booth proclamation is the best proof to ground conviction and as held in a few cases, it tends to be depended upon exclusively where deliberate.

“It is interested that the respondent who was conscious of the situation in the inn let the court know that he was stunned when the police educated him regarding the passing of his chief and the supervisor when he was captured at Port Harcourt.

“There is no question that the litigant was available at the premises of the location of the crime as affirmed by him in his proof in boss and displays under the watchful eye of the court.”

The appointed authority further said the court had painstakingly thought to be the proof of the respondent, especially his record of how he left the inn premises on January 25, 2019, and his unimaginable story with regards to why he didn’t get back to the lodging after the episode or report at the police headquarters.

She held that the convict had not a great reason for why he escaped to Port Harcourt the following day until his capture.

As per her, the conditional proof against the convict was unequivocal, positive, and powerfully highlighted his culpability.

She said, “The court accepts that the respondent without a doubt composed the confession booth proclamation (show PW2a-c) and his weak endeavor to withdraw same was to excuse himself from the commission of the dangerous demonstration.

“After cautious thought of current realities for this situation, I thusly viewed the litigant to be blameworthy of the two-count charge as a detriment to him.

“The condemning of the court upon you Jeffrey Ehizogie is that you be balanced by the neck until you are dead.”

The convict, who hails from Edo state, was summoned on December 7, 2020, for the homicide of his chief and the inn director and he argued not blameworthy to the charge against him.

The offense carried out negated Segment 223 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015.

Ehizojie’s preliminary started on February 25, 2021, and the arraignment called four observers, including David Nkwor, a PC engineer who worked at Etsahol Inn in 2010.

A few reports were offered while the convict affirmed as the sole observer for himself.

During the preliminary, Nkwor affirmed that it was the police who awakened him to the fresh insight about the wrongdoing at the lodging and in the wake of illuminating him regarding what is happening, inspired him to pen an assertion at the State Criminal Analytical Division Panti Yaba.

Nkwor likewise recognized some lodging collaborators to the police at the SCID, from a video film at the inn’s Nearby Circuit TV.

He let the court know that he had the option to distinguish his then collaborators, Jeffery Ehizojie, Henry, White, and a fourth individual in the video, beating the supervisor and subsequent to killing him, he was left inside a latrine in the lodging.

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