Nigeria: Eight suspected Ogun landgrabbers arrested

Nigeria: Eight suspected Ogun landgrabbers arrested

By Zuleihat Owuiye, Mamos Nigeria

The recent arrest of suspected landgrabbers in Ogun State highlights the ongoing issue of land disputes in the area. The police arrested several individuals, recovered weapons, and substances believed to be Indian hemp. The suspects, led by a notorious landgrabber named Yusuf, were reported to have caused unrest in the village by intimidating villagers and attempting to build structures on disputed land.

The prompt response of the police, led by Inspector Ojudale Adekunle, resulted in the arrest of eight suspects, while others fled. The police are working on apprehending the remaining suspects and conducting a thorough investigation. The state Commissioner of Police had previously mentioned compiling a database of known landgrabbers to address this menace effectively.

It’s crucial to address land-related conflicts to maintain peace and security in communities. The swift action by law enforcement is essential in preventing such incidents and ensuring justice is served.

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