Nigeria: Eight Internet fraudsters are detained after a police raid of their hideout

Nigeria: Eight Internet fraudsters are detained after a police raid of their hideout

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The arrest of eight suspected members of a cybercrime/kidnapping syndicate in Cypo Estate, Umuebule 1, in the Etche Local Government Area of Rivers State has been confirmed by the police.

Grace Iringe-Koko, the state Police Command’s spokesperson, made this clear in a statement that was released on Wednesday in Port Harcourt.

According to Iringe-Koko, the Command’s Hawk Tactical Team carried out the raid on Tuesday, May 9, 2023, based on reliable information indicating that the suspects were aged 17 to 22.

“We raided a hideout in Cypo Estate, Umuebule 1, Etche LGA, while acting on reliable intelligence on the activities of some suspected kidnappers and cyber fraudsters,” the statement read.

She identified the suspects as Desmond Williams, 19; Isaac Patrick, 22; Prince Nelson, 17; John Ahmed, 17; ThankGod Neesogho, 22; Christian Adewale, 22; Uche Alaga, 16; and Nwika Fakae, 22—all of whom are male.

According to Superintendent of Police Iringe-Koko, one of their 20-year-old victims was rescued after being tricked with a job offer (names withheld).

The assertion added, “The suspects in their admission uncovered that their usual methodology incorporate cheating guiltless casualties on the web and fleecing them of their well deserved cash, and attracting clueless casualties to their refuge and involving them as snares to wool their relatives and friends and family.

The victim was enticed by a friend’s assurance that the hotel would provide employment.

The victim wanted to return to his home when the job didn’t come, but his captors wouldn’t let him. The victim sustained severe beatings and body injuries as a result of his insistent behavior. After that, the suspects demanded a ransom of N500,000 from the victim’s parents.

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