Nigeria: Deadly Bandit Attack During Ramadan Prayers in Katsina: Community in Grief, Pleas for Government Action

Nigeria: Deadly Bandit Attack During Ramadan Prayers in Katsina: Community in Grief, Pleas for Government Action

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

A somber atmosphere looms over the Mairua community of Faskari Local Government Area in Katsina State following a tragic incident during Ramadan prayers. Chairman Musa Faskari confirmed the devastating news of the killing of two worshippers during Tarawih prayers, underscoring the escalating threat of banditry in the region.

According to Faskari’s account to BBC Hausa Service, the assailants targeted the home of Alhaji Lado Mairua, demanding his compliance before fatally shooting him when he refused. The violence didn’t spare witnesses, as a neighbor who arrived on a motorcycle was also met with a deadly end. The aftermath saw Alhaji Lado Mairua’s wife and 15-year-old daughter abducted, adding to the anguish of the community.

This is not an isolated incident; it marks yet another episode of terror inflicted by bandits who have entrenched themselves in the region. Faskari lamented the recurrent attacks, revealing that it was the second time Alhaji Lado Mairua’s wife had been abducted. The situation, he emphasized, has reached a critical juncture, with bandit camps proliferating across the council area and attacks becoming a grim routine.

The boldness of the bandits is a cause for alarm, as evidenced by their brazen assaults on Malalai village earlier that day, resulting in fatalities and further abductions. Tragically, even security personnel have not been spared, with a soldier falling victim to the violence in Ruwan Godiya.

Faskari’s plea to the Federal Government echoes the desperate cry of many communities grappling with the scourge of banditry. The local capacity to address the crisis is being overwhelmed, and urgent intervention is imperative to stem the tide of bloodshed and restore a semblance of peace and security.

As the community mourns its losses and grapples with the trauma of yet another attack, the call for decisive action grows louder. The Federal Government’s intervention is not only desired but essential to quell the reign of terror inflicted by these ruthless bandits.

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