Nigeria: Customs seizes banned goods worth 242 million in Ogun

Nigeria: Customs seizes banned goods worth 242 million in Ogun

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Acting Commissioner of Customs, Mr. Adewale Adeniyi, on Friday disclosed that the Ogun 1 Area Command of the Nigeria Customs Service has seized contraband goods worth about N242 million in 22 days.

Mr. Adeniyi, a newscaster in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun state, said the seized items included 1,436 used pneumatic tires, 53 bags and 569 bags of Cannabis Sativa, with a total weight of 1,179 kilograms. . 3,149 bags of foreign parboiled rice weighing 50 kg each, 32 transport vehicles, and other contraband.

According to him, all the seizures were made at various locations in Ogun State including Papa/Ajegunle, Ilaro road, Imasai/Joga road, Ijebu-Ode axis and Odogborubushu path along Ijebu-Ode road. That’s what it means.

According to the Deputy CG of Customs, “Our presence here underscores our unwavering determination to protect our beloved citizens from possible road accidents and hazardous materials as we continue to interdict hazardous materials.”

“The urgent concern that we have gathered here today to address is the importation of pneumatic tires used overseas, known as Tokunbo tires.

“These are rubber ring-shaped protective covers filled with compressed air and are usually used abroad.” Unfortunately, these are not considered suitable for our country’s highways. “A significant number of these tires have exceeded their recommended lifespan from the date of manufacture.

According to safety experts, high-quality pneumatic tires are only safe to use for four years from the date of manufacture. Doing so poses serious danger to the driver and endangers life.

“In our last press conference on August 7, 2023, we highlighted the serious problems with Cannabis sativa, commonly known as marijuana or Indian hemp. This psychoactive drug is derived from the cannabis plant. , we are witnessing an alarming increase in abuses in Nigerian society, especially among the youth.

“We are witnessing an alarming rise in abuses, including smuggling across land borders, through streams and even by air. We have highlighted the sophisticated tactics used by those involved in this nefarious trade. We reiterate the commitment of the Nigeria Customs Service to protect society from the infiltration of harmful substances and ensure the safety and well-being of Nigerians.

“Today, we are pleased to announce that we remain committed to fulfilling our legal obligations and protecting our beloved citizens from the scourge of illegal drugs.”

“The tireless efforts and unwavering dedication of the personnel of Zone A, especially Ogun Area Command 1, has borne fruit with the capture of Cannabis sativa, used pneumatic tires, and vehicles loaded with 50 kg bags of foreign parboil. Cannabis was loaded into US.” Please allow us to provide details of these significant seizures:

“Between September 18 and 30, 2023, personnel of the Ogun Regional Command 1,436 tires, 53 bags, and 569 bags of Cannabis Sativa with a total weight of 1,179 kg were seized.

“In addition, 3,149 bags of foreign parboiled rice weighing 50 kg each and 32 transport vehicles were seized.

The Customs Duty Paid Value (DPV) from these seizures amounts to a staggering amount of N241,977,943.00. It was held at various locations including Ode axis, Odogboru.”

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