Nigeria: Craze for contents: Creators now go for fake breasts, buttocks to boost viewership

Nigeria: Craze for contents: Creators now go for fake breasts, buttocks to boost viewership

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

The current landscape of social media platforms, particularly TikTok, has witnessed a surge in unconventional trends among young Nigerians. Beyond the entertainment value offered by these platforms, there’s a substantial financial incentive for content creators, with revenue often tied to the number of clicks and views their content garners. This economic dynamic has given rise to a phenomenon where content creators resort to unconventional methods, such as showcasing fake breasts and buttocks, to capture the attention of viewers and boost their online presence.

The pursuit of captivating content that generates millions of views, comments, likes, and shares has led content creators to explore increasingly bold and controversial themes. Notably, the exposure of female genitals, including breasts and buttocks, has proven to be an effective strategy in attracting both young and older audiences, resulting in substantial clicks and engagements. In response to this trend, content creators have turned to the use of artificial breast and buttock enhancements to make their bodily features appear more pronounced and attention-grabbing.

Recognizing the demand for such enhancements, some Nigerian businesses have entered the market, importing or creating elastic silicone breasts and buttocks. These artificial body enhancers are designed to give a realistic and floppy appearance, creating an illusion that can captivate viewers and encourage them to share, like, and comment on the content.

Celestina Maduka, a thrift and lingerie seller, attested to the high demand for these artificial enhancements: “I added silicone breasts and buttocks to my business due to the craving of content creators wanting to have large floppy buttocks and dangling breasts.” The surge in demand has flooded the market with various types of these enhancements, with different colors and sizes available at prices starting from N100,000.

For content creators like Ayomide Coker, an undergraduate and aspiring content creator, using artificial breasts and buttocks has become a strategic choice. Coker shared, “I am not that floppy in the breast and buttocks. So I use artificial breasts and buttocks. You will never know because I make sure my dress doesn’t leave a space for suspicion.” This approach has proven to be lucrative, with comments and sentiments from viewers contributing to increased earnings.

However, as the trend gains momentum, concerns about the safety of these artificial enhancements have been raised. Thomas Akinduro, a lecturer, emphasized the need for caution, stating, “Care should be taken as one doesn’t know what chemicals were used to produce them.” Highlighting the potential risks associated with these products, Akinduro urged users to be mindful of the substances used in their manufacture.

Despite the ethical and safety considerations, content creators like Christopher Olamide see the exposure of buttocks and breasts as a current trend. Olamide explained the process of earning money through content creation on platforms like Facebook, citing the importance of building a substantial following and engagement metrics to monetize content effectively.

In the evolving landscape of social media, the pursuit of attention and financial gain has led to the adoption of unconventional methods by content creators. While the use of artificial enhancements raises ethical and safety concerns, it underscores the dynamic relationship between online trends, financial incentives, and the lengths some creators are willing to go to capture the ever-elusive attention of their audience.

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