Nigeria: Court sentences man to death for killing neighbor in Kwara

Nigeria: Court sentences man to death for killing neighbor in Kwara

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Mohammed Kazeem Beiwa was given the death penalty by Justice S. M. Akanbi of the Kwara State High Court in Ilorin for the murder of his neighbor Olokose Ojo Olushola in Ilorin a few days before his wedding in 2021.

The court likewise gave over 10 years detainment and a N100,000 fine each to his two different accomplices; Madu Jeremiah and Mohammed Chatta while the fourth litigant, Jimoh Abdulateef was liberated by the Court for absence of persevering indictment.

The four individuals were being prosecuted by the court on eight counts of criminal conspiracy, kidnapping, culpable homicide, illegal firearm possession, and illegal human part removal.

The indictment drove by the previous Principal legal officer and Chief of Equity of Kwara State, Senior Ibrahim Sulyman claimed that the four denounced people went after and grabbed the casualty Olokose Ojo Olushola in his home a couple of days before his wedding in Ilorin and killed him at some point in 2021.

The denounced people in the wake of hijacking, killing, and dismantling the person in question, likewise haggled for installment of payment for his delivery from the family realizing he was dead as of now, the arraignment told the court at the preliminary.

The arraignment at the preliminary of the case called nine observers and offered a few shows under the watchful eye of the court.

Conveying judgment for the situation on Monday, Equity Akanbi viewed three of the blamed people to be unquestionablyblameworthy for four of the lawbreaker accusations evened out against them.

That’s what he certified “The respondents had caused the demise of one Olokose Ojo Olushola at some point in Walk 2021, several days prior to the departed’s wedding service.

“The body was ruined and notwithstanding knowing about the passing of the said Olushola Olokose, the respondents actually requested emancipate from the group of the departed causing it to seem their casualty was alive and kept locked down by hijackers.

“The principal respondent Mohammed Kazeem Beiwa who planned the horrendous misfortune and was likewise a neighbor of the departed was condemned to death by hanging life detainment, and 10 years detainment with N100,000 fine on various counts.”

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