Nigeria: Confusion as police shut Ogun digital market

Nigeria: Confusion as police shut Ogun digital market

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

When heavily armed police stormed the popular phone and digital market known as Tarmac in the Panseke area of Abeokuta, Ogun State, on Friday morning, they asked the traders to leave the premises because there was a court order for them to leave.

When Punch Metro went to the market, they noticed that there were a lot of police officers there and that traders were hanging out near their locked shops.

A portion of the merchants who talked with our journalist noticed that there had been repeating instances of land grabbers coming to requested that they clear the market which has seriously jeopardized their business.

A broker, Akeem Oyeyemi, said that the police came in the early long periods of Friday to send them out of their stores subsequent to showing them a court request which they were not privy of.

“What happened was that toward the beginning of today around 5am, we get a call that around 200 police officers have attack landing area with around 20 vehicles which our executive likewise informed us that we ought to begin coming. At around past 6am, we were undeniably accumulated here and went to the Olubara’s castle.

“From the royal residence, we returned here to meet the police to ask what occurred. On arriving, the police showed us a court request asking them to lockup Landing area yet we let them know that there was no notification of any court request given to us since we trusted that assuming that there will be need to secure this spot, we ought to be educated however we knew nothing.

“So we concluded that we ought to be permitted to open our stores however the police began shooting which made everybody to frantically get as far away as possible. Till this second we were not permitted to open our stores,” Oyeyemi said.

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