Nigeria: Communal conflict erupts in C`River, many people are killed and 300 homes destroyed

Nigeria: Communal conflict erupts in C`River, many people are killed and 300 homes destroyed

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Two communities, ovonum and Ofatura in Obubra Local Government Area of ​​Cross River State have been embroiled in mass clashes that have resulted in numerous deaths and the destruction of over 300 houses.

Conflicts stemming from disputes over farm land have destroyed homes and farmland and left thousands homeless.

“In April this year, there was a conflict between two communities in the hinterland, resulting in many people being killed and homes being destroyed. Fights broke out between the youths.

“The crisis reached its peak when the youths from both sides returned home and told their elders what had happened on the plantation, and around midnight, violence broke out between the two communities.” ” Elom Obonga, a resident of the area, told Vanguard. on the phone.

He said there was fighting all night between the two communities and when soldiers were deployed to the area at dawn, great confusion was caused on both sides.

“By the time the soldiers arrived, heavy damage had already been done and thousands of people have now taken refuge in the Mater Mesricdia Catholic Church,” he said.

Mr Egbe Abeng, the House of Representatives representative representing the area in the Cross River State House of Assembly, said he had nothing to do with the conflict.

“I can attribute the peace we enjoy in our community to my intervention. When I received a call about a recent trouble outbreak, Yara, who was in my supervisory role, immediately They went to their communities and mobilized security forces to intervene.

“The devastation has affected both communities and with the assistance of Governor Bassey Otu, a detachment of soldiers has been sent there to restore peace. That is why I am calling on the government to and to question the leadership of Mr. Ovoumu because they must find a permanent solution to this problem.I am a pacifist and the people of Oboumu voted for me. , contributed to my rise. So why should I support a war against them?”

Enan, a man from Obonum, lamented in an emotional tone: “My community has been destroyed, our property has been destroyed. More than 3,000 people from Obonam are now refugees in their own country. We are now spending the winter in a Catholic church without food, water, or even drinking water. We call on governments and other non-governmental organizations to help us before epidemics occur. Our community has never seen such destruction.

Justin Ovat from Ofatura said: “The recent crisis is unfortunate. The kingdom of Adon made peace after the April conflict and another crisis broke out while we were still trying to resolve it.” , leading to the destruction of homes in both communities. I call on all heads of state and government to come together at a round table and find lasting solutions to these conflicts. ”

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