Nigeria: Businessman hits wife’s head against wall, victim passes on

Nigeria: Businessman hits wife’s head against wall, victim passes on

By Ahmad Hadizat Omayoza, Mamos Nigeria

Family members of a 30-year-old woman person, Rafiat Okewole, are at present lamenting over the unexpected passing of the woman purportedly in the possession of her significant other, Wole.

PUNCH Metro accumulated that Okewole, however wedded to the businessman, was living independently on Odelusi Road, in the Ijoko area of Ota, Ogun State.

She was said to have lost her life during a conflict that followed when she visited her husband in the Gas Line area of Ijoko on Sunday to collect cash for her kids’ upkeep.

The departed was said to have been having a running fight with her significant other over his supposed inability to cater for her youngsters.

The issue, nonetheless, arrived at its peak when Wole supposedly crushed Okewole’s head against the wall during her Sunday visit.

Our journalist discovered that endeavors made by neighbors to save Okewole’s life after the occurrence bombed as she was affirmed dead in the emergency clinic where she was hurried to for clinical consideration.

It was further discovered that her kid spouse was captured after the case was accounted for at a police headquarters by one of the departed’s kin.

One of the departed’s siblings, Akinola Shittu, in a meeting with PUNCH Metro, said he was crushed by the fresh insight about his sister’s passing.

He said, “My senior sibling called me on Sunday night to illuminate me that Rafiat kicked the bucket. I asked what occurred and he let me know that it was accounted for to him that Wole crushed her head against the mass of his home when she went to request cash for the upkeep of their children.

“This occurred at Wole’s Gas Line, Ijoko home on Sunday around 3pm.

“Right away, I hurried to the house and I saw that neighbors had previously assembled and my sister was taken to a close by emergency clinic where she was articulated dead. I’m crushed.

 “I later discovered that one of my siblings who lives close by revealed the case at Sango Police headquarters which prompted Wole’s capture.”

The departed’s sister, Basirat Liasu, told our journalist that the occurrence occurred within the sight of Okewole’s girl who went with her to Wole’s home.

Liasu said, “I advanced on Sunday from one of our senior sisters that Rafiat kicked the bucket because of wounds caused for her by her better half, Wole, who hit her head against the wall in his home.

“Rafiat was not living with Wole as of the hour of the occurrence since she was Wole’s subsequent spouse. However, his most memorable spouse additionally pressed out before in the year.

“She went there to request cash for the kids’ upkeep. One of her youngsters who went with her to the house let neighbors know that her dad hit her mom’s head on the wall.”

The departed’s senior sibling, Yusuf, told PUNCH Metro that he was the person who detailed the matter at the Sango Divisional Police Central command.

 He said, “My significant other was the one that called me on the phone and informed me that she heard that my sister passed on after her better half hit her head against the mass of his home.

 “I raced to the clinic at Ijoko however she was at that point dead and I discovered that Wole was all the while flaunting that nothing would happen to him in the wake of killing my sister.”

Reached, the state Police Advertising Official, Omolola Odutola, affirmed the episode.

She said Wole was at that point in police authority.

The PPRO said, “The Sango Ota Police Division captured a homicide suspect on August 6, 2023, around 4pm. It was one Segun Osho who revealed that his sister, Rafiat Okewole, who inhabited Odelusi Road, Ijoko, Ota had a contention with her better half, Oluwole Okewole, and he hit her head on the wall and she became oblivious.

“She was raced to a clinic in Ota where she was affirmed dead by the specialist working.

“Investigators visited the scene, captured the suspect for cross examination and took photos while the body was cleared to the morgue for dissection.”

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